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  1. n.karthick

    How not to get stuck up with one approach?

    Hi, I am used to do things independently in my life and rarely takes the advice of others. The one important problem I often face is, whenever I try a method i always stick to it even if it doesn't work. I try to fight with the same approach to find solution to the problem in hand. Though I am...
  2. n.karthick

    Horoscope and its effects on marriage

    Hi I am from India, a Hindu by birth (Hinduism is a religion). Here horoscope match is considered essential for marriage. My horoscope was found to be bad since it contains" [Broken] (Mars danger) and naga dosha (snake danger). It is believed that if a...
  3. n.karthick

    Is math physically real?

    In my view nature and math can be viewed as two intersecting circles A and B where A \cap B relates to the part of nature which has mathematical description as we know today. Still many things in nature remain to be mathematically described, which is A - B . Same way we have math for some...
  4. n.karthick

    Why do some people think women suck at science and math?

    Yeah I checked my calender, it shows 2011. Could you please check the top mathematicians/ physicists/scientists living today. How many women are there in the list? What is the (approx.) ratio of men to women? I may point out one - Ingrid Daubechies, mathematician who contributed to...
  5. n.karthick

    Why do some people think women suck at science and math?

    I have argued with many people many times regarding this topic in my real life. I always argued that men are superior to women when it comes to Science and engineering. Surely there are many exceptions. But I have never come across a single woman till now in my life (in my society ) who has...
  6. n.karthick

    The Most Beautiful Equation?

    For me the Fourier transform equation is the most beautiful F(\omega)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(t) e^{i \omega t} dt
  7. n.karthick

    Is Science just a branch of Philosophy?

    Science is some sort of subset of philosophy. Science can answer questions starting with "how" and philosophy can answer questions starting with "why" Though it is enough if we get answers for questions starting with "how" , the subject itself will not be complete if we dont know why something...
  8. n.karthick

    Who's the greatest scientist of all time?

    As Alan Briggs mentioned, I feel Charles Darwin is the greatest scientist because he is the one who questioned about our existence and survival, all other scientists explained the natural phenomenon forgetting to think who they are and how they got this knowledge and power to know about Nature.
  9. n.karthick

    Suggestions that god exists

    Wow what a thinking. Great!!! But the problem is that the "brflrfkjssd" believer will learn Science, see the gaps in Science and argue with Scientists that there is always a possibility that "brflrfkjssd" exists, since Science can't explain or don't have answer for it.
  10. n.karthick

    Suggestions that god exists

    I think it is more easy for people to believe things than reasoning, that is why they stick to belief system. In my view, by simple reasoning, anyone can easily understand and convince himself that "God" is just a mental concept created for some convenience and has no physical significance.
  11. n.karthick

    Suggestions that god exists

    Whatever it may be, the existence of God is not going to bring any change in development of physics. Whatever has men learned and the knowledge obtained about Nature till now is without any help of Supreme being. There is no evidence that scientists had supernatural powers which was given to...
  12. n.karthick

    Can love and friendship replace money?

    If your love and friendship can give you money then yes.
  13. n.karthick

    Suggestions that god exists

    Whoever speaks about God or Science, how they know it? It is from literature right? After birth, if a person is abandoned, in a desert and the child still survives, can he realize God or science for that matter? He will be living just like an animal. This itself shows that the ideas of science...
  14. n.karthick

    Is mathematics really the Queen of Sciences?

    I am not upset at math, but only in the way it is used. I agree with Klockan3 that it is not problem with math but with the physical assumptions people start with. In this case too, maths is just used as a vehicle, a shortcut by people to validate their wrong approach. I am stressing that...
  15. n.karthick

    Favourite Quotes

    One of my favourite quotes "Life without Danger is waste of oxygen"
  16. n.karthick

    Is mathematics really the Queen of Sciences?

    Once the famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss quoted "Mathematics is the queen of Sciences". In my view mathematics is a language, a tool for Scientific knowledge and its representation. Mathematics makes our job easier in manipulating the knowledge because it gets in to elegant and...
  17. n.karthick

    Philosophy: Is God timeless? (NOT A RELIGION THREAD)

    God is created by human beings. So God will be alive only up to the time human beings live in this Universe.
  18. n.karthick

    Do u believe in God?

    First of all I dont believe in God since I learnt from Science that such a thing is not there in the Universe. But I can't accept evolution and God are not exclusive (orthogonal). What is the basis for such a thinking? How can one believe two contradictory things at the same time. I think the...
  19. n.karthick

    Why not God?

    It is better to read "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin, because, I think, it answers why God is not a possibility. In my opinion, it is not the great Scientists whom we have to look for answers, but the theories, results, work from them have to be read, tested and accepted by us. A...
  20. n.karthick

    What Einstein meant by following quote?

    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" What I understood is we should not improve the old things, instead we should find an entirely new and easier way of doing the same thing. Does he mean that progress should not be made step by step like improving the age old...