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    Isomorphism from Z7[x] to Z

    Actually nevermind, it is that easy. There's a hint hidden that basically says "an isomorphism has to be one to one..."
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    Isomorphism from Z7[x] to Z

    Homework Statement Let R = Z7[x]. Show that R is not isomorphic to Z. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution One of the necessary conditions for an isomorphism f is that f be one to one. So consider 8x in Z. f(8x) = x, f(1x) = x. So f cannot be an isomorphism. I'm clearly missing...
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    Best common-LISP IDE around?

    Are you on a windows/mac/linux machine? In general, you are still best off using SLIME. You don't need to worry about it being unmaintained - it actually gets updated very frequently...the same can be said of Emacs. On the other hand, you might consider learning Clojure. Common Lisp is really...