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    Casimir Effect and Inertia

    A theoretical question on a known effect: Suppose one were to make a Casimir-engine for the production of negative energy. If one placed said engine in a spinning centrifuge on the International Space Station, would the negative energy repel the centrifugal effect, and rise to the weightless...
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    Effects of acceleration on black holes.

    If a black hole was sailing across the universe very near to the speed of light, what would the effects be on it? Would the event horizon change in shape, becoming more bulbous or less so in front of it, and would it live longer due to its relativistic velocity? And if you were traveling at...
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    For people who are too lazy

    Bah. At the aerospace/mechanical sub-forum, I have not recieved any opinions or new facts regarding my topic, The Recycling of Reaction Mass by Linear Wormholes. I'm hoping that the jolly-fellows here shall give me their comments. --- In my mind, I tried to overcome the horrendous problem...
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    Recycling of reaction-mass by linear wormholes

    In my mind, I tried to overcome the horrendous problem of having to carry every gram of reaction mass with your space-craft. Surely, how could a person using three dimensions recycle mass without having the recycled fuel slow down the craft? In three-dimensions, Newton's Third Law could be a...
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    Candidates for near-future nuclear propulsion systems

    Times are changing, what with the renewing of space exploration. Humanity should be un-arse-ing itself and moving towards our celestial neighbours. But we will only go to them, if we harness a better power souce. That, my friends, is good old nuclear propulsion. And yet, there are so many...
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    RTG Plans needed.

    Hello, my nuclear comrades. I am in a bit of a project rut. You see, I have been looking for cheap, reliable methods of producing wattage with homemade parts, and the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator caught my eye. Are there schematics on said generator out there on the semi-murky depths...