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    Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

    What cities have large industries of Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology. I've heard to look at the East and West Coasts. Does anyone have any more specific information? Thanks
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    Different Number Systems

    I do not know a lot about math theory, however I know that we (America) (I'm not sure if it's different for different parts of the world) use a base 10 number system. I also know that there have been other number systems invented. Can number systems other than base 10 be more beneficial for...
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    Modifying power source

    While this is certainly true (and certainly easier), I want to do it for the tinker factor and the knowledge. I would like to use this in a more complicated project later. Thanks a lot.
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    Modifying power source

    I have a small electronic toy that takes 4 regular triple a batteries. I would like to open it up and see how much current the batteries are supplying, and then I would like to hook up a battery that I don't have to throw away. I would like to hook up the device to the wall to recharge it. I...
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    Question regarding Sleeping

    I've noticed that I often wake about an hour or two before I should get up. When I awake, I often feel pretty energetic but I go back to sleep because of course, I have a couple more hours awaiting me. Then when I wake up the second time, I can feel "dead" or really tired. Does anyone know why...
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    Camera-Computer Help

    I would like to create a small platform that connects to the parallel or usb port of a computer. I would like it to rotate it 360 degrees on an xy plane, and at least 180 degrees on a xz and xy plane. The platform would perhaps have a camera on it and I would like to control the movement of the...
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    Question regarding sleeping

    My brother sleeps with one of his eyelids slightly open, allowing his eye to be exposed. It is really small (a sliver really). Has anyone heard about this? I'm also curious if it is harmful. On a sidenote, it's interesting to watch when he is in REM.
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    Motional EMF in loop of wire

    " A circular loop of wire 10 cm in diameter is placed with its normal making an angle of 30 degrees with the direction of a uniform 0.50T magnetic field. The loop is "wobbled" so that its normal rotates in a cone about the field direction at the constant rate of 100rev/min; the angle between the...
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    Videogame Programmer

    Well this is very interesting and I appreciate everyone's comments. I was just looking into it because I like to program and so I thought if I was programming games, that would be especially fun. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering right now and several older students have told me that one...
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    Videogame Programmer

    I was curious if anyone here was a videogame programmer. If so, could you tell me what an average day is like? I was also curious what you would need degree wise to become a videogame programmer.
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    Calculating Shear Stress

    what does V and p stand for just to clarify?
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    Calculating Shear Stress

    On a homework assignment where a device contains three pin connections, we are asked to find the shear stress on two of the pins ( single shear) and a third which is experiencing double shear. For the single shear, I just took the force being applied at the pin connection and divided it by the...
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    Radio waves

    I have little experience with electronics so I was wondering if this idea was feasible. If so, I'll know that I'm on the right path; any suggestions are welcomed. I would like do a simple project for myself. It basically goes like this: I want to take a remote control for a tv, and where the...
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    Gap year

    When contemplating on whether or not to take a year off from school, I like to think of myself as a product of momentum. For one, I know that if I stop school, it will be hard to get back into it. It does sound like you are burning out, but who wouldn't after a course load like yours. Perhaps...
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    Testing No. 2 pencils and scantron exams

    I love mechanical pencils but a good point was made in a book titled " Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to the SAT", that regular pencils have blunt tips that will require less time to fill in a scantron bubble. Perhaps true? Just thought I would throw that out and let your know that you're...
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    Schools Grad School Concerns

    Well you have listed your reasons for being weary of entering a graduate program. I'm curious, what are your reasons for considering going the phd route?
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    First Days of College

    Perhaps you should start seeking a single for next year....
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    First Days of College

    Perhaps talk to your RA. From the sounds of it he allows this stuff. If not, he could help you out. The year is going to be long and hellish if you do not put your foot down. You think it's bad now? Imagine a year of it. And the longer you allow it to happen, the harder it will be to address...
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    InfoTrac username and password

    Your school library may have a subscription which will allow you to access it either from home or their computers.
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    First year at Malaspina Univsersity-College

    1. Do not be afraid to approach your proffesor after class if you are not clear of their expectations, or be afraid to use whatever resources available to get additional help. There is no shame in seeking help if you have trouble understanding a topic. 2. Get disposable plates/ eating...
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    Misc. Any good gadget DIY forums?

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    Are there any animals that could transform or morph?

    Animorphs? Man I need to find those books again...
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    Schools German universities

    I think the only university I hear of constantly is Cambridge. This is sad since I am sure there must be other good schools in Europe. Oh well :rolleyes:
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    What's left to eat?

    Peanuts? :confused:
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    Jesuit Education

    What about SLU? (Saint Louis Universtiy) That's right by you and will more likely give you more financial aid ( from personal experience and friends) than Loyola and I think they may even be cheaper ( have to check that.) Plus they're Jesuit ( said you loved the Jesuit school). Would you by...
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    How usefull are dc and ap classes in highschool

    I only took one AP class while in highschool and I would say the biggest benefit of it was the exposure to the material. I HATED chemistry but knew that I was going to have to take several courses in chemistry. Therefore I decided to take an AP class on it so I could build up my knowledge on my...
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    Study habits

    I took physics one this summer and I am finishing Calc 2 as we speak. The schedule is challenging since so much material must be covered in a much shorter time frame as explained by Eratosthenes. I would advise that you read ahead. I believe it was my Biology professor that told me on average a...
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    Find the arc length of the given function

    Alright I think I got the solution. Is this right? \int_{0}^{2} \sqrt{\frac{4}{4-x^2}} \int_{0}^{2} \frac{\sqrt{4}}{\sqrt{4-x^2}} 2\int_{0}^{2} \frac{1}{\sqrt{4-x^2}} then using an integral table..... 2\arcsin{\frac{x}{2}} |_{0}^{2} 2\arcsin{1} Does that look right?
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    Find the arc length of the given function

    This is my last homework problem and I feel that I almost have it solved. The problem is as followed: f(x) = \sqrt{4-x^2} Find the arc length of the given function from x=0 to x=2. I know that I am supposed to use this formula to solve for arclength: \int_{0}^{2} \sqrt{1 +...
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    Differential Equation and omega

    Now I understand everything you have written. Thank you so much for the help. Have a nice day :smile: