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    Plane drops package; superman on ground flys at angle then horizontal to meet package

    Homework Statement note:I am not 100% positive of the wording of this problem. As it stands, I am not looking to get help on plugging on equations and such. I am looking for help on how to draw the problem. A cargo plane is flying horizontally at a velocity of V meters per second. and...
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    Help with free falling, find h with ball displacing .47h in 1 second before fall

    Homework Statement A ball is dropped from a height h. The ball displaces 0.47h meters from the time it hits one second before it drops to the ground and when it hits the ground. Find h. Homework Equations xf-xo=vot + 0.5gt^2 The Attempt at a Solution h = ? t1(at 1 second before...
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    Help with free falling object problem

    Um, did you read my post at all? I know this formula and I know the difference between the two times is what I'm looking for. The problem is I'm stuck because the fact that I don't have a specific value for the height complicates things. I know that tf2 = sqrt(5)*tf1. But I can't figure...
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    Help with free falling object problem

    does anybody have any suggestions or anything at all?
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    Help with free falling object problem

    nope, that's the question. I'm fairly sure it involves finding a ratio, due to the many unknowns, so I imagine finding the value of H is not the goal. It's also assumed to be no air resistance. The two balls are released or dropped, so Vo = 0 m/s for both balls. Show some work? OK...
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    Help with free falling object problem

    I hope this is the right forum, so I apologize in advance if I'm mistaken. Here's the question poised: How many seconds apart should two balls be released so that a ball being dropped from a height of H reaches the ground at the same time as a ball dropped from a height of 5H? I need...