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    Electrical Ground Question

    Earth acts as an electrical ground for the electrical supply that come to our home. But the ground, usually made of cement or stone is not a conductor like metal then how does it acts as an electrical ground.
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    8088 microprocessor

    It has been almost 2 months that our course of Microprocessor and interfacing has started and so far we have studied some useful interfacing techniques too. We are required to work on a project using some basic interfacing techniques to design a single board computer that may carry out some...
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    Electrical Engineering and have already learnt C language

    I am an student of Electrical Engineering and have already learnt C language since, it is useful for programming of micro-controllers. I still want to learn some other programming language too. Please suggest me a programming language that will be useful for me for making useful softwares and...
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    Need help with integration

    The integral of (sin(t)cos(t)) has two possible solutions: {(sint)^2}/2 and {-(cost)^2}/2 eventhough these two function are not same. Although these both solutions give same values for the definite integrals, different results are obtained when such integration appears when solving differential...
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    Single stage CE amplifier

    I have been given a basic electronics project for design of a single stage common emitter amplifier. The problem is that this the first time I am going to carry out such an assignment and have no idea how to start. I do not know how to make choice for the resistors and I need help in this...
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    Gain of a transistor

    I am studying the design of an amplifier in common emitter configuration. I am studying from microelectronic circuits by sedra and smith. the author has described two terms for gain of a amplifier. one is the represented by Av and is called the voltage gain of that amplifier and the other is Gv...
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    Transistor in saturation region problem

    I am having great trouble in understanding the operation of transistor in saturation region. This is how I understand the working of a transistor: In a bipolar junction transistor the width of base is very small therefore very small number of carrier undergo recombination inside base, whereas...
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    Need some help with vectors !

    Vectors are drawn from the center of a regular n-sided polygon in the plane to the vertices of the polygon. Show that the sum of the vectors is zero. (Hint: What happens to the sum if you rotate the polygon about its center?) can any body help me out with this question? and what does the...
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    Symmetry in graphs

    For a graph of any function, one of following conditions is said to exist so as for it to be symmetric: a graph is symmetric about y-axis if along with a point (x,y) a point (-x, y) exists. a graph is symmetric about x-axis if along with a point (x,y) a point (x, -y) exists. a graph is...
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    Leakage current in diode

    My question is related to the leakage current occuring in a diode when connected in reverse bias mode. When the diode is forward biased, the source voltage first neutralizes the barrier potential and then the flow of current occurs. However, I am not able to understand how the current due...
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    Current in Diode.

    My question is related to the flow of current in a diode. In a metal, the current is completely due to the flow of electrons (Eventhough, we always consider the conventional direction for current). Whereas, the current in diode is said to be the sum of the component of current due to holes and...