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    Poisson distribuition

    The explanation for the Poisson distribution in reference book is " when given an interval of real number, assume events occur at random throughout the interval. If the interval can be partitioned into subintervals of small enough length such that 1. the probability of more than 1 event in a...
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    Frequency and viscous friction in a spring?

    Hi. may i ask the relationship(formula) between frequency and viscous friction in a spring?
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    Spring constant

    hi.. may i ask what is the relationship(formula) between the viscous friction and the frequency? if i know the value of k(spring constant), M(mass), and f(frequency), am i able to find out friction coefficient, b?
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    Reverse the order of integration

    why sometime we need to reverse the order of integration? and how to determine the new limit? for example: for integration of dydx, the limit of y and x: y=2x , y=2; 0<=x<=1. after we reverse the order become dxdy, how to determine the new limit of x and y?
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    Line integral

    what is the different between line integral and surface integral? If we parameterize curve by x=t , y=t , what is the range of t ? Is it 0<= t <=1? why?
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    Can explain to me what is mean of span?

    can explain to me what is mean of span? from book, it say "every vector in the space can be expressed as linear combination of the vectors, then it called the span of vector." but i still cant catch its meaning and concept.