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    Flow rate relation? (velocity distribution in pipe flow)

    i have this question which asks me to find the average flow velocity in a pipe, BUT based on flow rate relation and not statistical average what is the flowrate relation?
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    Something wrong with my C

    hi i have this problem this is part of my code, where i am scaling in guassian elimination A4[a][c] = A[a][c]/t; when i put printf A4 at the bottom, it shows the right element divided by t when i put A[a][c] = A4[a][c]; my output for my input when i...
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    Fluid mechanics - flow through a pipe (bernoulli equation)

    Homework Statement water flows steadily with negligible viscious effects through this pipe. the 4-inch diameter section of the thin walled tubing will collapse if the pressure within is at 6 psi below atmospheric pressure. determine maximum h so that the tube wont collapse. final...
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    Comp Sci C++ determinant of diagonal matrix

    Homework Statement well, my assignment was to make a gauss elimination, so now i need to compute the determinant of an n by n diagonal matrix variable rows = number of equations variable i = random integer matrix A[100][100] dummy matrix A2[100][100] Homework Equations det[A]...