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    Magnitude of normal force question

    Homework Statement A woman pulls on her suitcase with a force of 105N at an angle of 38 degrees above the horizontal. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction between and suitcase and the floor are 0.273 and 0.117. The mass of the suitcase is 36 kg. what is the magnitude of the normal...
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    Velocity time graph question?

    A car travels at a constant velocity of +20 m/s for 5 seconds, than constantly accelerates up to + 40 m/s in 4 seconds. Then the car decelerates constantly until it reaches a velocity of 0 m/s, and rests for 1 second. What is ax at t = 11 s? And what is ax at t = 3 seconds? I'm sure if...
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    Newton's laws,solving for tension (smthn wrong with my work)?

    A flat-topped toy cart moves on frictionless wheels, pulled by a rope under tension The mass of the cart is m1. A load of mass m2 rests on top of the cart with the coefficient of static friction u between the cart and the load. The cart is pulled up a ramp that is inclined at an angle theta...
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    Finding an expression for the maximum tension?

    A toy cart of mass m1 moves on frictionless wheels as it is pulled by a string under tension T. A block of mass m2 rests on top of that cart. The coefficient of static friction between the cart and block is μ. Find an expression for the maximum tension T that will not cause the block to slide on...