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    Magnet vs CRT TV a.k.a question about magnetic poles of electrons

    When watching some videos about neodymium magnets, I came upon a very interesting phenomenon. Namely, the maker of the video put a large magnet near an old CRT TV. At first, a big black spot appeared on the screen. This means that the electrons were repelled from from the magnet and didn't...
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    Alcubierre Drive antimatter requirements

    Some sources say, that alcubierre warp drive would have no need for exotic matter but to create a warp bubble around a shuttle-sized spaceship would require only 100-500 kg of antimatter. Still some believe it would not function without exotic matter and some positive energy. The question is: Is...
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    Carbon nanotube exoskeleton

    Can we make exoskeletons out of CNTs? I have a few questions 1. Do CNTs expand when electricity is applied or you have to put wax betwen them? 2. Can we produce enough nanotubes to make a full-body suit? 3. Is graphene suitable for an armor? Some say that when you put a elephant on a...
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    How does pulse propulsion work

    I've heard about pulse rifles in movies and games, but I haven't been able to understand how they work. I know that they have to do something with plasma, but they shoot pulse slugs too. Please explain how they work.