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    Courses Online Math Courses?

    A Google search for "online college math courses" might be a good start. I would suggest that you inquire with your advisor to make sure that the institution that you attend will allow you to take courses elsewhere to get your last 6 hrs and then award you a degree. Some require that your last...
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    In pursuit of genius

    I completed 2 BS degrees with all of my upper-level classes online. It is much more difficult than taking the same class in a face-2-face setting, but it can be done. I would suggest that you try to deal with your mental health issues rather than merely retreating into yourself. If your goal...
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    Please criticize my REU personal statement

    It's looking good, but I would suggest the following changes- (Yes it is nitpicking but very often small changes can make big differences-I've edited a lot of copy) paragraph 3: "summer's" (possessive) should be summers (plural). Paragraph 4: Why did you suddenly decide to quit using any...
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    Hovering just above rock bottom. Academic Failure requesting help.

    I was in your situation 35 years ago. It's not a lot of fun. Feeling like a failure doesn't suck as bad as actually being one. You can salvage this. Therefore I am going to say to you what I wish someone had said to me (and that I had listened) then: You said: "Ok, let's assume, I somehow...
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    Job and age

    "define old" Anyone 20 years older than me. 52 now defines the middle of 'middle aged' since I just reached 52. in 10 years, the median point of middle age will be miraculously moved to 62. The only really good thing about getting 'old' is that there are more 'younger women' every day...