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    Spectrum of Tandem MS

    Homework Statement There are four scan modes for tandem MS: Product ion, Precursor ion, Neutral loss scan mode and MRM. e.g. In MRM, the result of graph is Intensity versus time, but NOT versus m/z. What does the "time" in the graph refers to? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution...
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    TLC Rf order

    Homework Statement arrange the following eluents in an increasing order of Rf of aspirin ethyl acetate, n-hexane, n-butanol, methanol Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution my order is n-hexane < n-butanol < ethyl acetate < methanol but the order is wrong. i am thinking: aspirin is...
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    Rank the acidity

    Homework Statement BCl3, BF3, B(CH3)3, B(CH3O)3 Rank the acidity of these compounds. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I dont know how to determine the acidity of B(CH3O)3 and how the acidity of BF3 and BCl3 is higher than B(CH3)3 because of F and Cl high electronegativity. How...
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    Galvanic cell

    Homework Statement A is an aqueous solution of KCl(aq) with unknown concentration. The following experiment was carried out at 25°C to determine the concentration of Cl- (aq) in A, and the Ksp of AgCl(s) Step 1: A half-cell was made by dipping a silver strip into 100.0 cm3 of A. Step 2: A...
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    Acid dissociation constant

    Homework Statement when 10 cm3 of a monoprotic acid C3H6O3, with concentration of 7.2g/dm3, was titrated against against 0.05M NaCl, the equivalence point reached when 15.75cm3 (ph8) of NaOH was used. Calculate the acid dissociation constant Ka for C3H6O3. Homework Equations The Attempt at...
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    PH in buffer solution

    Ka values of the 1st and 2nd dissociation of phthalic acid (HO2C-C6H4-CO2H) are given below. Estimate the pH value for highest buffer capacity when a buffer is prepared from 1:1 mixture of phthalic acid and sodium hydrogen phthalate (HO2CC6H4- CO2Na) in water? HO2C-C6H4-CO2H <=> H+...