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    Reduce diffusion effects in electrolysis

    How could i reduce the effect of diffusion of ions in an electrolysis cell. e.g AgNO3 Ag+ Stirring constanly would help? but thats not easily kept fair or constant. Could i replace this idea with rotating electrodes? Many Thanks, Adam
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    Electrolysis C/W contd. Variables help

    I have the marked draft of my coursework, its 36/40 but I need to improve 3 things. I need to expand on the Variables I have listed on my coursework, i have done half of them but im having trouble on the others. Heres the vaiables, the bold is what ive added. Any help is much appreciated...
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    Need help please. Charged ions

    My coursework is ruined, but im not asking for help with my coursework. Does anyone know if there is a ion with a charge of +4. I might not be making sense. I know about Copper Chloride (CuCl+2) and Silver Nitrate (AgNO3+1) and Iron III Chloride (FeCl+3). Does anyone know of a plus 4? I...
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    How does cancer kill?

    Im only 15. I know a bit about cancer, but i cant find anywhere how it actually kills you. I understand metastasis; where the cancer spreads. But i dont understand how the growth of extra cells (damaged or not) can kill. Might be a stupid question. Adam
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    Electrolysis, charge of ions.

    Hi, my names Adam, this is my first post im in year 10 UK (10th grade i believe) This is not a homework question, its advice towards the analysis of my chemistry coursework. Im predicted an A* in chemistry so this is why my experiment is more complicated than others in my class.I based my...