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    Accuracy, Fibonacci + Golden Ratio

    I have been curious about this for a while... I'm interested to know if there is any easy way to tell the accuracy of the (n+1)th on the nth term of the Fibonacci series in relation to the golden ratio. I know that as n tends to infinity the ratio tends to the Golden Ratio "Phi" - but is...
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    Weak Measurements [Broken] Does anyone know what happened with these experiments?
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    X with respect to Y?

    How do I find X with respect to Y if; Y = X + e^X? If I log it then I get Log Y = Log X + X, if this is the correct step how do I isolise X from here?
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    Pinning a gyroscope will resist change in orientation

    I know when spinning a gyroscope will resist change in orientation so that the rotor is still pointing in the same direction. But, is that direction with respect to earth's center of gravity or is it an "absolute direction". So, if I point a gyroscope upwards and spin the rotor and I go...
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    Cosmic Censorship

    It may be just me with my limited(extremely little) knowledge of the hypothesis, but it seems as though the "Casuality breaking down" part of the Cosmic Censorship hypothesis is an attempt at connecting QM (or rather, just fundamental laws) with consciousness. Either that, or "see"/"view" is...
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    Wikipedia makes me laugh sometimes.
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    Old Computer Science Game

    I am trying to remember the name of this old (probably dos, but I can't remember) computer game. At the start you could click on 3 different factories. A blimp one, the Cart one of the Airplane one or something like that. Then after that you have to go through the 2d level collecting parts...
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    What do I have?

    Trying to psychologically diagnose myself without any previous psychology lessons it's proving difficult. -I don't 'care' (in the, care about insults, care about people type sense) about things. -I think I'm the best, but I don't think it's narcissism because I know my faults, I'm not...
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    Legged Mechs will never ever be more efficient then tanks

    Assuming I'm right - Legged Mechs will never ever be more efficient then tanks or any other tracked/wheeled vehicle. I tried explaining to my friend that legs will always be too expensive and too unmenuverable and slow and heavy to ever be used for the slight benefits of being able to climb...
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    Artpad is the best.

    A Fissure Cliff Nuclear Bomb Lightning Fissure and Cliff are old (like a year old, I managed to find...
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    Really hard Brain teaser I need help with.

    Answer selects two natural numbers from the range [2,100] (x, y). He tells one man Sum' 's' (where s = x+y) and another man 'Product' 'p' (where p = x*y). The men are asked to find x and y. Both men have perfect logic. Know that the starting numbers were selected from [2,100] And are good...
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    Fox is getting prank called!

    Warning: Don't watch these if you're allergic to foul language.
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    Information Teleportation Wow! :bugeye: What does everyone think about this one?
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    Infinity and Probabilities

    Is it just me or do all high probabilities dwindle to nothing as time approaches infinity and all small probabilities increase to 1 as time approaches infinity?
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    Cramps and Stretches

    During my Takumakai Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu practice sometimes I get cramps, even when I stretch before hand. Once or twice I got it while sitting (traditional japanese way) in my foot, and when we do certain stretches too. I think it's just because I'm not flexible or something (since for the...
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    Evolution is the process of a species changing to suit it's enviroment

    As I understand it evolution is the process of a species changing to suit it's enviroment. Based on this definition I ask a question. Is Eugenics and Reprogenetics the only way? I believe that humans will never evolve from their current form because humans now change the enviroment to suit...
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    Argh RE kills me.

    If anything pisses me off more then people bull****ting, it's when one, or both sides in a debate (Australian debate, which is a 3vs3 thing) spew psuedo-intellectual speculative garbage, and the adjudicators (sp?) are biased and stupid enough to believe it. Today's topic was "Sex should only...
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    Mutagen - Ethidium Bromide

    This Monday I have to goto Melbourne to do 2 SACs in one day (For non-Australians they are basically assesed assignments) having to do just with general genetics. Anyway they say that we should use gloves etc. blah blah blah safety stuff, because we'll be handling Ethidium bromide (in the...
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    My misconception?

    Sorry guys but I need someone to clear up what I consider something I may have a misconception about. In my understanding a magnet or magnetic forces, can do work yet expend no energy. Is this correct? And if so is there a law I probably havn't learnt yet? Is it one of those things noone can...
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    What should I do?

    I'm really having to think about what I should do in the long run. I'm in year 12, I finnish physics last year and I really loved it. I'm doing chemistry and bio this year along with Specialist (calculus) and Methods (regular math, they make you do it at the same time :( ). The problem is - I...
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    Chem Concept

    My chem teacher is having trouble explaining the a particular happening in a fuel cell to the class. In a galvanic cell +ve ions move towards the +ve electrode and -ve to the -ve. In electrolytic cells the +ve ions move towards the -ve electrode and -ve to the +ve. He says that the reason why it...
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    The Set of Morals

    An often asked question during ethics classes is "Is there a universal set of morals?" - aparently the teacher thinks that neither yes or no is right but I cannot bring myself to comprehend how the answer could be yes. "The set of morals" to me is just majority ruling on things that the...
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    Nuclear physics job description

    I'm just curious about people who work in the nuclear/particle/theoretical physics area what the job is like. I'm currently finnishing year 12 and probably will go into a Physics Course (damn easy to get into since noone does physics) and then probably do my masters and a PhD.
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    Function of the graph.

    y = x+(m/(ax^n+b)+c? I'm trying to find the equation for a graph in which the equation changes for different points. The graph can be made accurate upto 1500, but after that it becomes inacurate for my numbers, using this equation; x+(x*(.8-(\frac{3x}{5000}) or x*(1.80-(\frac{3x}{5000}))...
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    All Fossil Fuels were to run out

    What would Happen if, A) All Fossil Fuels were to run out B) Just Oil C) Just Coal D) just gas C) anything else u can think off I think B) Petrol Prices rising to like $10 per litre, People not buying petrol, Petrol Companies going backrupt, People with shares in compainies...