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    Dirac Delta Function

    I have a test in Diff Eq. tommorow and part of the test is inovling the Dirac Delta function. I have no clue as to what it is at all. More specifically its Laplace and Inverse Laplace. If anyone could explain to me what the delta function is and how to use in in diff eq and what are its...
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    Dynamics smooth circular bar Problem

    I think I did this problem correctly however I am not 100% sure. Unfortunatley the Dynamics book that I have only gives answers to even numbered problems and I cannot check me work. Anyway here is the problem from the book. The smooth circular bar rotates with constant angular velocity...
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    Dynamics Help

    For some reason I just don't get my dynamics homework. Here are the few problems I am having. Problem 1: A river is flowing north at 3 m/s (uniform current). If you want to travel in a straight line from point C to point D in a boat that moves at a constant speed of 10 m/s relative to the...