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    Is this video correct?

    What do you think?
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    Why do we take the positive answer?

    This is copied from Paul's online math notes There is one final topic that we need to touch on before leaving this section. As we noted back in the section on radicals even though √9=3 there are in fact two numbers that we can square to get 9. We can square both 3 and -3. The same will...
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    Is it true that the earth's rotation is slowing down?

    If it is true, could anybody tell me how it is happening?
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    How to self-study physics?

    Hello Few months ago I watched a documentary about string theory and I found it STUNNING so I started to read a little about modern physics. I got myself a textbook called "physics for scientists and engineers" which doesn't require advanced math to go through.The modern physics section in it...