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    Light through a medium

    Yeah. So are they though counted as new photons or does physics count them as the photons that came from the sun?
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    Light through a medium

    Well is it counted as the light that came from the other side of the window or is it counted as light from the atoms in the glass?
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    Light through a medium

    Ok, I don't want no equations and stuff please. :smile: When light travels through a medium the photons are absorbed by atoms in the medium and then a photon is given off by the atom of similiar energy, etc, this is correct? If this is so does that mean when I look out the window that I'm...
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    Speed of light

    I told him to get a particle with mass to the speed of light you'd need infinite energy and that would cost you. :rofl: I don't know how to calculate anything with this stuff. I just read this stuff for fun. :eek:
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    Speed of light

    I said the power bill would cost you a fortune. That'd be correct right propelling a particle with mass to the speed of light.
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    Speed of light

    One of my friends told me that photons would have to have mass or they couldn't exist. I told him that if they did have mass a photon would knock you on your arse and turning on a light would cost you a fortune when your power bill arrived.
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    Schrodinger's Cat solutions

    The phone rang. It's the cat. It said for you guys to get in the box and see what you think now.
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    Time travel?

    Kip Thorne and Hawkings have a bet on travelling back in time. What's that conjecture......... um........ the Time Protection Conjecture or something. Basically any time machine would destroy itself the instant you tried to use it to travel back in time. Something like that.
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    Is the Universe Closed, Flat or Open?

    All the evidence seems to point at the universe been flat but I believe most scientists believe that it really is closed and they're searching for evidence.
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    Is it ture that max speed

    Yeah, photons have no mass.
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    Waves of any sort do not transfer mass

    Then there's the ocean currents.
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    Is it ture that max speed

    All particles with a rest mass greater than 0 travel at below the speed of light. Particles with 0 rest mass only travel at light speed. Particles with less than 0 rest mass should, if they exist, travel at only greater than light speed.
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    Does the fabric of space itself cause friction?

    I remember reading a while ago that the fabric of space has a texture and thus would cause friction. Even in a perfect vacum a spacecraft would slow down over time due to this. Is this an accepted theory?
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    Dirty Bomb

    Dirty bomb. All you need is something radioactive (like enough to harm people) and a conventional explosive afaik.
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    Bermuda Triangle solved?

    Many parts of the ocean floor are covered in methane "sludge." These can break off and rise to the surface in huge bubbles. If a ship is partly in the bubble and partly out it will sink. If it's a large ship it will break in 2 and sink. I saw one documentary on how to solve Flight...
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    Stargazing What was the first object you saw through a telescope?

    The first object I ever viewed was Saturn back in about 1990 at a Field Night at a school set up by an Astronomy Club. I later joined that club for about 10 years.
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    Human eye

    The human eye can detect 1 photon.
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    The oh my god particle
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    Manhattan project

    You need to bone up on your history. The US warned the Japanese that they had a new weapon capable of destroying a city. The Japanese didn't care because they were going to fight until the last Japanese died taking an Allied soldier with them. Both Hiroshima and Nagaskai were industrial...
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    Atlantis found?

    Pompeii is too recent though....... but yeah, I get what you're saying. I wasn't saying that there was an actual city called Atlantis, just that the myth sprung from a city being destroyed.
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    Most interesting object?

    I've had the chance to observe Omega Centauri through a, 24inch I believe it was. I was awe inspiring. Also saw many other objects but of course, for me that is the one that stood out in my memory the most. I haven't gotten my scope out much in the last few years, but when I did (it's a...
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    How fast is a relativistic velocity?

    So your average GPS sat. is going at a relativistic speed because if you didn't take time dilation into account they'd give you the wrong position? But for the rest of us who cares that our car is going 60kph?
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    Everything wants to be iron

    That sounds like it.
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    Is String Theory really a theory?

    So, um, the answer is that it's not a theory?
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    Query About Big Bang

    I do know though that Hawkings said that whatever was before the Big Bang would have no bearing on the universe after the Big Bang.
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    Is String Theory really a theory?

    Oh, I know that much. They're just a bit of wishful thinking at the moment though I believe because we know bugger all about gravity. I think they just have a graviton because it would make sense.
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    Is String Theory really a theory?

    What's a graviton? Exactly. :D
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    Atlantis found?

    The story of Atlantis is suppose to have been spawned from a volcanic erupition many thousands of years ago that blew an island apart in the Agean I believe.
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    Everything wants to be iron

    I think I remember reading about some experiment where they had a tank underground (so there was no light) full of water or something. The tank was big enough so that a few protons a year should decay. They set up some very senistive cameras to detect the flashes of light that would be given...