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    Free Electric Field simulator

    Hi, I'm looking for some free electric field simulation software, ideally it should support Mac OS X, or at least be open source so I can compile it for Mac, but finding a linux or windows pc isn't difficult for me. It should be able to take an environment filled with charged objects and give...
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    Cyclotrons and particle ionisation

    Hi, If a cyclotron is being used to accelerate particles, it is obviously ideal to have bare nuclei as this will substantially increase the rotational frequency, and thus the velocity and particle energies. It can be shown from the formula f=\frac{B q}{2 \pi m} that the frequency increases...
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    Net movement of plasma in tokamak

    Hi, I've got conflicting impressions on the motion of particles in tokamak reactors. Wikipedia says that they generally follow the poloidal field lines due to the Lorentz force, whilst another site claimed that the promising results were due to the random motion of the particles within the...
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    Protons, Photons, and ionic states of matter with one type

    Is it possible to impart heat to a cloud of protons via EM radiation? Photons usually interact with electrons, and I can't find much info on pure photon-proton interaction. Also, if you took some hydrogen ions (protons, to be specific), could you form a state of matter, such as a liquid...
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    Do the extra dimensions really make sense?

    Is it just me, or are dimensions supposed to simply add another coordinate, i.e., I can move 1m in x, y or z direction and be 1m away from where I started, are the dimensions in string theory based on this concept or do I not understand what a dimension is? The most confusing part is how these...
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    Quantum Entanglement: Entanglable particles?

    All the scientific documents explaining QE that I have read always refer to the entanglement of photons, and yet some news reports state that ions such as beryllium and magnesium have been entangled ( so that instead of just...