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    SOme help with intergration by parts,

    SOme help with intergration by parts, plz [b]1. Find: \int e^x cos (x) dx The Attempt at a Solution I tried using integration by parts - what we are working on... all these 3 possibilities: u = cos x, u= e^x, u = e^x cos(x) And the \int vdu are, respectively: 1. \int e^x sin(x) dx...
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    Definite Integral prob

    Daniel, yeah thanks for the code... i meant k\int_{0}^{3} e^{-0.25 x}{}dx =1 HallsofIvy, Uh... Thats the same word from the problem in the book... and yes, thats the integral from 0 to 3... Im not sure I know about the total integral.... Sorry about the confusion.
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    Definite Integral prob

    Sorry, my LaTeX code looks bad.
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    Definite Integral prob

    Hello, Okay so I was given a density function: f(x) = 2e^(-0.25x) The problem asks for the value of Pr(X < or = 3) I first figured out the probability density function first by let \int (3,0) k.25e^(-.25x) = 1 And figured out that k = .45 and continue solving my...
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    Around the corner problem?

    "Around the corner" problem? Hey, I got this assignment from my class... it asks for the maximum length for a bar in order to get it through a corner created by 2 hallways... Im provided with the width of the 2 hallways and that's it. Can someone gimme a suggestion? Thanks Nam
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    Need some suggestions.

    Hey... Im kinda got stuck with this problem... can you guys give me a hint or something... Problem says: The tangentline to the curve y=1/3 x^3 - 4x^2 + 18x + 22 is parallel to the line 6x - 2y = 1 at 2 points on the curve... find the 2 points. Well I was thinking about writing the...