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    Carbon nanotube exoskeleton

    I have a site that tells nothing about putting wax between the tubes: Some say that the wax will make the muscle stronger. But why is a single nanotube stronger than a bundle of CNTs?
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    Carbon nanotube exoskeleton

    Can we make exoskeletons out of CNTs? I have a few questions 1. Do CNTs expand when electricity is applied or you have to put wax betwen them? 2. Can we produce enough nanotubes to make a full-body suit? 3. Is graphene suitable for an armor? Some say that when you put a elephant on a...
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    Carbon fiber bulletproof

    A guy recently invented Kryon - a material made up of CNTs and aluminium. The article said that it resisted multiple 50. cal rounds. That would be a pretty good armour but you would still get hurt by the impact.