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  1. chem_tr

    Ammonium help

    In aqueous solutions, two types of reaction may occur: 1) Since ammonia is a base, copper hydroxide my precipitate. 2) excess ammonia can give a complex with copper. Please skim your textbooks once again by referring to my clues.
  2. chem_tr

    Feso4 is not a primary standard?

    Hi It cannot be a primary standard. Because it is not stable. A primary standard must be cheap, inert (stable), etc... You may want to do a google search about "primary standards".
  3. chem_tr

    How many isomers does C4H9Br have?

    I think 2 and 4 are the same... Both can be read as 2-bromobutane, please look at them carefully, you'll see. I don't consider enantiomer formation, as there should be 2S-2-bromobutane and 2R-2-bromobutane, because they are not isomers, enantiomers, i.e., optical isomers. About drawing...
  4. chem_tr

    Chemical Bonding

    Dear Chemrookie, You asked about "What test would determine whether a solid substance contains ionic bonds?", I wanted to contribute to this one only; the others are already well explained by the members. If a solid substance contains ionic bonds, the substance can be polarized, and...