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    Applying Physics to my workout

    Ok, First off this isn't a book problem so I'm not really sure if it can be solved. I just kinda dreamed this up one day while deciding to count the calories in my lunch + breakfast. It should work..if I thought everything through, and I can live with a few simplying assumptions. Anyhow, I...
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    A heat engine and determining Power

    A heat engine operating between temperatures 500K and 300K is used to lift a 10KG mass vertically at a constant speed of 4 meters per second. Determine the power the engine must supply to life the mass. I'm having trouble finding an equation that could relate temperature and my other...
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    Sinking ocean liner velocity problem

    Suppose that the Ocean Liner came to rest at teh surface of the ocean before it started to sink. Due to the resistance of the seawater, the sinking ocean liner then reached a terminal velocity of 10 m/s after falling for 30s. 1.Determine the magnitude "a" of the average acceleration of the...