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    Medical Documentary on a very isolated tribe

    yesterday I saw a documentary on a very isolated tribe,descovered in 1981! in the past,when they fought wars with other tribes,they eaten they're oponents to gain they're streinght(nonsence,of course) this however rised a question...what nutritional proprieties does a human have? (I'm not...
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    Top-secret tech

    we all are familiar with this "top-secret" thing...some of us belive it,some of us don't...personaly I don't. but this question came to me,to sustain my point of view: if you want to research something that involves top-secret technology,don't you need to hire scientists that know in detail...
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    Medical How to teach?

    I started this thread here,because it is related to psihology,and it is adresed to all those who teach,or who want to teach... so,what tehniques do you use?what obstacles do you have?
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    Computer tech

    how come some computer parts double they're power once in like 18 months or so? it's kind of weird...alwais +100% and in 18 months or so...for example take the RAM memory...they came like this(in MB): 8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192! I didn't cheked,but the 16 GB RAM stick might be...
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    Rockets VS misiles

    what is the diference betwin a rocket and a misile? from what I can tell,a rocket is something small,like a bazooka,or at most an anti-air rocket,and a misile is something huge,like a torpilo,or a nuke,or something realy big,but I'm not shore,and there might be several "oficial" diferences...
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    Nuke radiations

    when the nuclear bomb was droped(dosn't mater witch),has the pilot of the bombarder been iradiated? his only chance is to get out of the radius,witch is realy huge,so you need the speed of the bombarder,the altitute at witch was released,and the mass of the bomb(not only the U,you need the cover...
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    How to learn chemistry?

    I like physics very much,and I'm shore I would enjoy chemestry as well(actualy I never understood why chemestry is not a subdivision of physics,like thermodynamics,or magnetism and electricity) but I can't learn a thing via school chemestry...they require that I think of atoms as they were...
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    Matter-antimatter colision and pure energy

    sounds like the title of a SF book...and that is what this post will probabley be... "if matter and antimatter colide,they anihilate each other and turn into pure energy" here comes the questions: 1)what is pure energy?you can't go at the market to buy a jar of energy,you can't hold energy in...
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    2008 nobel for physics

    today the nobel prise for physics will be awarded...can't wait! hope I win:) let's discuss about the winner and about his wining product
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    What was Einstein's profesion?

    this question may sound strange,but I'd like the ideea,only there are a few misunderstandings... as a physicist you can get hired to research something for a company,or the army,or something like that,but who sponsored Einstein,when he developed the relativitey theory?something that no one...
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    Brands and inventions center

    you know that place where you come with your invention,ideea,brand or anything else and make it oficialy your creation? well,I'd like to work there as the guy who verifies if the product works:) my questions would be: what do I need to study to get there? (I am in the 11'th grade at a...