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    Question on significant digits

    Hi all. Let's say I have a set of data as follows (the mass of a sample of some chemical measured several times): 23.132 g 24.532 g 21.532 g 22.853 g 23.193 g (I just made that data up, but imagine that a analytical scale put out those numbers, exactly as shown, on its display.)...
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    Projectile Motion of launched ball

    Projectile Motion - Finding The Angle Homework Statement You are standing 10 m away from a basketball net that is 14 m above the ground. Assume delta d[y] is 14 m, do not account for your height. You launch the ball with a velocity of 25 m/s and it goes in the hoop. At what angle(s)...
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    Kinetic, potential and mechanical energy question.

    Homework Statement A 5.5 x 10^4 kg airplane, travelling at an altitude of 9.9 km, has a speed of 260 m/s relative to the ground. Nearing the end of the flight, the plane slows to a speed of 140 m/s while descending to an altitude of 2.1 km. Determine the plane's total loss of mechanical energy...