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    Subsea Pressure Housing Design – Wall Thickness for Stress & Buckling

    I’m designing a subsea sensor that will go to a max depth of 600 m (6 MPa/60 bar). In a simple model, it will be made of a pressure housing cylinder and two end caps, all grade 5 titanium. Some geometry is attached. I’m looking for advice on how to calculate the thickness of the...
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    Seal rotating parts/reduce friction (hand-tight thread)

    I am working on a design where I have a block which has a cap assembly fitted to it - see images attached. The cap assembly is constructed of: - Main body with two holes through (flowing water in and out) - Locking ring with a threaded outside, grooves for tightening by hand and two o-rings...
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    Seawater sample temperature control – heat exchanger design

    I’m designing a system where a sea water sample must have its temperature controlled between near its freezing point (-2°C) and +30°C to simulate sea temperatures. To control it, the sample will be in contact with a block, which will be controlled by an external circulating water bath. The image...
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    Load Shoulder Pressure Stress Calculations (Sketch Attached)

    I'm in the process of designing a part which must be submerged down to 2000m (200 bar/20 MPa/ 2900 psi). A sketch of the part has been attached. The outer housing will be titanium and the inner part aluminium. I've carried out the calcs for the outer part to withstand the external pressure, but...
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    Water Rocket-density,temp,drag

    I have a question about rockets This involves the d and temp of the water m | - a | - s | - s | - | - |-_________________ density So graph should look like ^^ and pV =(proportional to) d d=m/volume...