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    Current Driven by EM wave

    This is a theoretical question not a homework question, so if this is the wrong section to post this in please let me know. But my friend has this idea that if he sent an electromagnetic wave at a certain frequency at a surface it could create a current and this in turn could charge a battery...
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    Understanding an FM transmitter circuit

    Homework Statement . I am just trying to understand this cicuit a little better. Especially the right half, I know that the left half is just acting as an amplifier but I'm not sure how the right half works. Also how is the frequency being modulated here? The attempt at a solution. I...
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    How do I find two vectors that are orthogonal to each other?

    1. Find a nonzero vector v in span {v2,v3} such that v is orthogonal to v3. Express v as a linear combination of v2 and v3 2. v1= [3 5 11] v2= [5 9 20] v3= [11 20 49] 3. I know that the dot product of v and v3 must equal zero. And that v must have components between 5 and 11, 9 and...
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    Least Squares Fitting

    1. Homework Statement Suppose two variables x and y are known to satisfy a relation y=Bx. That is a graph of x vs. y is a line through the origin. Suppose further that you have N measurements (xi,yi)and that the uncertainties in x are negligible and those in y are equal. Prove the best...