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    Magnetic field of an infinite current sheet : Amperes law

    I was asked to find the magnetic field of an infinite current sheet due to amperes law. Is my attempt to the solution correct ? The final answer is correct, but l am doubtful of how l got there.
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    Integration techniques

    I am a bit rusty on my integration techniques. Can someone please tell me which integration technique to use for this integral ? I don't want to anyone to solve it for me. I just want to be nudged in the right direction.
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    What distribution is this

    So l generated a 100 000 data sets in Matlab each consisting of 80 random poisson distributed numbers. I then calculated the p-values for each data set and stored them into a vector which l used to make this histogram. I was wondering, what distribution is shown by this histogram
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    How much variance in my p-value

    So l have a nuclear counting system which follows a poisson distribution. I have taken 5 data sets consisting of 30 counts each and l have used them in a chi squared gof test to see if they follow a poisson distribution. For each data set my p-value has been changing. Initially it was 0.5 then...
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    Will 2.8 micro curie of radiation cause cancer

    I have been working with a 2.8 (decayed over summer) micro curie cobalt-57 source testing a gamma camera. I would like to know if this made my risk for getting cancer higher ? My employers say l don't need to be worried.
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    Using a combination of a specular and diffuse reflector

    So l am designing a radiation detector using solid state silicon photo multipliers. On their website they tell me that the SiPM must be coupled to a Cs(Ti) crystal with a combination of specular reflector diffuse reflector film between the scintillator and detector. How does a combination of a...
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    Comparing Absolute Deviation to Mean Absolute Deviation

    Hi Guys, I am trying to measure variability in a part for my sensor which l do not know the true value. So l decided that a good way to measure variability in this case would be to measure precision of my data points as l change this part on the sensor. So l was wondering, can l compare the...
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    Kolmogorov-Smirnov and P-value

    So l am testing a sensor l recently developed. I am changing parts on the sensor and testing to see if my data is reproducible with different parts. I compare the data using the KS test. However, the data always have the same distribution or trend line. To test if the two data sets are the same...
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    Testing to see if my data is uniform

    So l have got 16 data points and l would like to know if this data follows a uniform distribution. I have tried using the punif function in R, but l am not sure about the results l am getting. Can someone please tell me what is the best way and hopefully easiest way to see if data is uniformly...
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    I want to maximize one factor whilst minimizing the other

    I have two sets of data, one represents electrical noise in a circuit and the other represents the gain in the circuit. So l varied the voltage in the circuit and calculated both the gain and the electrical noise at those voltages. Now l want to know what kind of analysis can l do to make sure...
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    How is percentage uncertainty different from standard deviation

    How is percentage uncertainty different from standard deviation ? I have five measurements and l calculated the average, standard deviation and variance. Do l need to calculate the percentage uncertainty ? Does percentage uncertainty give me any more information which the other values l...
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    Can l use chi-square test in this scenario ?

    I am testing a certain part on a camera. So l was thinking of taking a set of measurements and then change that part and take another set of measurements.After having those two sets of data l wanted to do a chi-square test in order to see if variations in how the two parts perform is due to...
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    What is energy resolution

    Can someone explain the concept of energy resolution to me, especially in gamma cameras. Thanks.
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    Engineering Behavior of sequential circuits

    Is there a systematic way in which l can determine the behavior of this sequential circuit ? The textbook gives me its counting sequence but l don`t understand how they came to it
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    Sinusoidal waves

    The question and attempt to solution is on the attached image. I don't understand why the answer in the textbook is 1.5ym mine is 1.8 ym
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    Magnetic fields due to currents help

    Homework Statement In the figure 29-49, four long straight wires are perpendicular to the page, and their cross sections form a square of edge length a = 20 cm. The currents are out of the page in wires 1 and 4 and into the page in wires 2 and 3, and each wire carries 19 A. What is the...
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    Elevator controller design project

    I am designing a controller for an elevator. The elevator can be at one of two floors: Ground or First. There is one button that controls the elevator, and it has two values: Up or Down. Also, there are two lights in the elevator that indicate the current floor: Red for Ground, and Green for...
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    Calculating probability of an event

    Homework Statement Find the probability of the following statement : P(A\prime \cap C | B \prime ) 2. The attempt at a solution P(A \prime \cap C | B\prime ) =\frac{P ( A \prime \cap C \cap B \prime)}{P(B \prime)}= \frac{P ( A \prime \cap C \cap B \prime)}{1-P(b)} I am stuck as...
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    Conditional probability

    Homework Statement A baseball player compiles the following information : He hits a home run in 34% of his games He gets a strike out in 40% of his games In 78% of his games he hits a home run or his team wins In 10% of his games he hits a home run and gets a strike out In 26% of his...
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    Prove linear function of a variable

    Homework Statement In the data table they are noon-hour temperatures of a certain week. I calculated the mean which is 25 and l also calculated the standard deviation which is 3.74. Now they want me to show that : if y=ax+b then \bar{y}=a\bar{x}+b and s_{y}= \left|...
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    Simplifying boolean algebra

    Homework Statement F(x,y,z)=X'Y'Z + X'YZ+ XY'Z + XYZ' + XYZ The Attempt at a Solution F(x,y,z) = X'Y'Z + X'YZ+ XY'Z + XY (Z'+Z) F(x,y,z) = X'Y'Z + X'YZ+ XY'Z + XY I am stuck here l don't know how to further simplify it so that l can end up with F= XY + Z
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    Natural log

    Homework Statement Guys how come ln(e)=1 ? How can l prove this
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    Moment of mass

    Homework Statement Guys l would like a clarification on the formulas for calculating the moment of mass. The Attempt at a Solution For vertical strips : M(y-axis)=\int_a^bx\rho[f(x)-g(x)] dx M(x-axis)=\frac{1}{2}\rho\int_a^b[f(x)+g(x)][f(x)-g(x)]dx For Horizontal strips ...
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    Nodal analysis

    Guys l would like to know how does the the voltage at node D become : Vd=-(Vc-Va)=Va-Vc
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    Moment of inertia

    Consider a thin plate of constant density which occupies the region in the first quadrant inside the curve: x^2+4y^2=4 Find moment of inertia about line x=-3 Attempt to solution: y=\frac{\sqrt{4-x^2}}{2} I(x=-3)=\frac{1\rho}{2}\int_0^2(x+3)^2\sqrt{4-x^2} \text{Is...
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    Converting English to Boolean Algebra

    Homework Statement An irrigation system should open sprinkler's water valve when if the system is enabled and neither raining nor freezing temperatures are detected. Homework Equations S\rightarrow system enabled R'\rightarrow not raining F'\rightarrow freezing temperatures not...
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    Chemical reaction equation

    Homework Statement The equation for the reaction of Al and KOH solution The Attempt at a Solution Al\rightarrow + KOH\rightarrow Al(OH)+ K I seriously don't know if this is the correct equation to represent the reaction between Al and KOH solution.
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    Partial fraction decomposition

    Homework Statement Find the partial fraction decomposition of : \frac{x^2}{(1-x^4)^2} The Attempt at a Solution \frac{x^2}{(1-x^4)^2}=\frac{A}{(1-x^4)}+\frac {B}{(1-x^4)^2} =A(1-x^4)+B when x=1 1=A(1-1^4)+B Hence B=1 and A=0 \frac{x^2}{(1-x^4)^2}=\frac{0}{(1-x^4)}+ \frac{1}{(1-x^4)^2}...
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    Integration techniques

    Homework Statement \int sin(x+\frac{\pi}{6})cosxdx The Attempt at a Solution u= sin(x+\frac{\pi}{6}) du=cosxdx \frac{du}{cos x}=dx \int udu=\frac{1}{2}sin(x+\frac{\pi}{6})+c Guys how come my answer is different from the one at the back of the book. I'm l the one...
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    Evaluation trig functions

    Homework Statement cos(ArcSec(-\sqrt2+\frac{\pi}{4}) The Attempt at a Solution cos(ArcSec(-\sqrt2+\frac{\sqrt2}{2}) In order to solve this problem how do l deal with the \frac{\pi}{4}. Is it correct to substitute \frac{\pi}{4} with \frac{\sqrt2}{2}