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    A Is my understanding of the answers given correct?

    I posted a question on Ask A physicist and he replied, "If the uncertainty principle is correctly stated, it is a correct physical principle which indicates the degree to how well you can possibly know something. So its just that we cannot know simultaneously what a particle's position and...
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    I Uncertainty = our ignorance or intrinsic to reality?

    I realize that it is impossible to know both the speed and position of a particle because of the uncertainty principle. I also know that this is because if you send a photon at the particle to detect its position you alter its momentum. But does that mean that when you measure position it has no...
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    I Interesting Scientific American article! (The end of QM?) I love quantum physics almost mystical and paradoxical nature. That seems to be ending. Especially with the advent of...
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    I Superdeterminism and the hidden variable

    Bell's superdetermimism seems to imply that there is a hidden variable. Please correct me if I am wrong but that seems like classical physics.
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    B Any quotes from verified physicists about superposition?

    <Moderator's note: Approved. The original thread has been this. The relocation in QM is better suited in case the thread turns into a direction where physical questions are the subject rather than quotations.> I have heard many astounding things about QM. For example, that particles have no...
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    Quotes requested -- by academically validated physicists that state outrageous facts

    Can anyone post here quotes from academically validated physicists that state outrageous facts? I realize that Bohr said that if one isn't shocked by QM one doesn't understand it. But I am looking for something more specific. For example a quote about superposition , entanglement etc. The idea...
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    I What does "exist" mean to a physicist? somt

    If something hat has no volume and no mass can exist ,what does it mean to say that something physical exists?
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    Non-locality and relativity

    It is my understanding (perhaps I am wrong) that relativity implies that all frames of reference are equal. For example, if there are two uniformly (no acceleration ) moving objects ( and no others, an empty universe) then one can say object "A" is moving and "B" is still. It is equally true to...
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    Does consciousness cause thoughts?

    Does consciousness cause thoughts? This question is central to the debate concerning free will. 1. Effect ( by definition) cannot precede cause. 2. It is impossible to be conscious of a thought before you think it. 3. Therefore, it is impossible for consciousness to cause thoughts.
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    Quantum confusion

    I am confused by the philosophical assumptions behind Quantum Mechanics. Are physicists logical positivists? The reason I ask that is because it seems that they believe that if something in intrinsically unknowable it does not exist as a truthful proposition. For example before the collapse what...
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    News Stop the internet blacklist
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    News Repuplican flip-flops

    Republicans are against their own policies when Obama is for them!! Yesterdays ( Aug 3, 2010) "They're not embarrassed"! was better. Unfortunately, its not on youtube yet. On yesterdays video Maddow has tapes of top republicans saying they are for ,1.cap and trade 2....etc * ( the list is...
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    News Should foreign companies pay taxes?

    Recently Republicans defeated a bill that would have helped the heroes of 9/11. Why? Because it had an amendment in it that said that the help would be paid for by eliminating a tax loop hole for foreign corporations that do business in the US. Many foreign companies incorporate in tax haven...
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    QM and relativity.

    My understanding is that any uniform motion ( according to relativity) can be considered stationary. For example if object A is moving at a constant velocity, it is as legitimate to say that it is stationary as to say that it is in motion. Why cannot a photon, moving at the speed of light and at...
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    Double slit

    This is from a stupid movie, lots of new age nonsense etc. However, please disregard that and judge this segment on its own merits. Is it accurate? I am not being sarcastic or have a hidden agenda. I just want to know!
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    Wittgenstein and doubt

    Wittgenstein often made the statement that if you cannot doubt that a thing is so, you cannot know it. For example ( the example he gives) , you cannot know that you are in pain because you cannot doubt it. You cannot say," This pain hurts but I doubt that I feel it." I can understand how...
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    Meta-language is language about language

    Suppose that I open the newspaper and read that a truck full of tomatoes crashed and spilled all over the freeway. At that moment my wife approaches me with a bowl full of tomatoes , trips and they all land in my lap. Ten minutes later, after I am all washed up, my wife tells me that her friend...
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    Why no speculations allowed?

    Most of the great minds in history have outrageously speculated and then found their great idea among the mass that they rejected.Why cannot what works for them work on a lesser scale work for us? I'm sure that some layman before Wegener noticed that the continents can fit together . If a great...
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    Quantum boundaries

    It has been said that I have not made it clear what I mean by boundaries. So I will try to explain it here. It has been said that at the quantum level boundaries are not clear. First imagine an object. By definition a clear boundary means that every point in the visual field* is part of the...
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    Virtual particles

    Virtual particles I'm confused. I have a degree in philosophy and physics is not my area of expertise. I have read about the subject so please don't give an answer fit for a 4th grader. What are virtual particles? Are they real or not? Are they some strange hybrid of reality and non-reality...
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    Life, the universe and everything

    I realize that all encompassing philosophies are frowned upon. However, I see nothing wrong with speculating. Anyway, here goes; 1.Laws of nature do not exist in a Platonic realm, if anything they are descriptions of how things are rather than laws from some transcendental realm that move our...