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    Turning off gravity [Broken] This is the elevator at work. We're not sure if flipping the switch merely counteracts the earth's gravitational field or if it completely turns off all gravitational interactions.
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    The nicest part of your commute [Broken] The middle of the drawbridge - where the two platforms meet - is pointy (like f(x)=-|x|). So you get up a bit of speed on your bike as you approach the centre and then enjoy the weird...
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    Divorce rates in academia

    Does anybody know of a study which looks at divorce rates for people with academic jobs? I looked around briefly and only found an old article in which the author notes that she couldn't find any statistics on the subject. [Broken] I was...
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    Buying a couch at ikea

    So I'm finally at a major life milestone: buying furniture. My new apartment is mostly furnished, but I would like to have somewhere comfy for my friends to sit and I currently only have four dining chairs with a somewhat mixed genealogy. I also have a sort of executive chair (what I'm sitting...
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    Films about (fictional) physicists

    Can anybody recommend a movie about physicists or physics students? It seems that math people seem to have gotten most of the limelight in the last few years. However, there's a film coming out in April which I'm curious about: "Dark Matter" Dana Scully had a physics degree, but that...
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    The diviest dive

    I'm looking for a new place to live. I've looked at a couple spots in the last few days which were pretty run-down, but the last place I saw really set a new standard. Even the realtor who showed me around was like "I'd understand if you didn't want to take this place". Things the...
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    Didn't get tenure and now ?

    I was wondering if anybody around here has an anecdote about someone they know who was refused tenure? What did they do? What did their students do?
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    What did you do today? (a corollary to the thread What do you physicists do? )

    what did you do today? (a corollary to the thread "What do you physicists do?") I thought it might be interesting to take a sociological approach to the question raised by Pivoxa in this thread - So what do physicists actually do on a...
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    Canadian dollar

    The Canadian dollar hit 0.968617 cents US today. And it's been flirting with 0.7 Euros since the beginning of June. I suddenly feel like going for a donut at Krispy Kreme.
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    What to do in hong kong?

    Any suggestions? I have ten days in September to visit.
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    If a van drives off a cliff with velocity, v, how stoned is the naked driver? [Broken] Edit by Ivan: copyright violation
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    Are you a physicist?

    I've recently found myself filling out a lot of customs and immigration forms in which I'm confronted by a blank for "occupation". I'm in the middle of making the transition from "student" to "researcher" - on one hand I'm really getting too old to be writing "student" but writing "physicist"...