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    Feature of human nature is denial

    It seems to me that key feature of human nature is denial. There are some things that many people just refuse to believe despite all the evidence in the world to back it up. This denial appears to be a result of serious percieved incompatibilities between existing beliefs and new...
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    General Anesthesia

    I have a few questions. :smile: Could someone explain to me the pharmacological and biological mechanisms involved in general anesthesia? It would appear that under general anesthesia consciousness is completely "turned off". To what extent is brain function reduced. Do general...
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    Mach's Principle and Newton's Pail Experiment?

    Can someone please explain this to me and the apparent mystery it's suppose to offer with regard to absolute acceleration. I don't see it, a spinning pail of water that results in a curved surface is meant to somehow reveal an insight into relative mass and absolute acceleration. As far as I...