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    Language for Bearing Program

    So, my company has quite a few old programs for calculating solutions to bearings, annular seals, etc. The calculations are iterative in nature, and none of these old programs are really integrated together, which is problematic. Plus they're in Fortran (or something else), and don't run on our...
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    Becoming a professor

    Hi all, I graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering in August, started my job in November, and have definitely enjoyed myself. I like my job, it's a great company, and I definitely see myself staying here long term. But a question one of my supervisors posed to me about a month ago really...
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    Bolt sizing

    I need to spec out some bolts according to the NAS standard. The problem is that I only have the dimensions/specifications in ANSI format. Has anyone ever worked with NAS before? I can't find anything to help me figure out what size bolt I need.
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    Learning outside of the classroom

    So I have this question, and while I may not be in a position to apply it now, it is something I'm curious about. But for you guys who've already graduated and are engineers and have been for some time, how do you motivate yourself to keep learning? What sources do you utilize for these...
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    Op Amp resources

    This may be kind of odd, but this is my first post, so I'm kinda new at this. I need to calculate the output voltage of an op amp with a 2 mA current source inputting into the inverting side, and a ground connected to the inverting input. There is a 1 kiloOhm resistor going across the op amp...