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    Learning from mistakes.

    We all learn from our mistakes or observing others with thier mistakes. Seems like the more pain or bigger mistakes usually include more important lessons we learn from those mistakes. So i wonder if we are making a mistake as human beings rather then just indivisually. :eek: What are...
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    Do you ignore yourself?

    Do you ignore yourself?? I came to the reality of realization. Realizing that I ignore myself plenty and am unaware of it. I subconsciously set up my failures because of my ignorance. Like an example when dieting I did really good for about 6 months and cheated dieting with the occasional...
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    Don't ya just love pain?

    I came to a conclusion awhile back that pain is the only thing in life that is worth living for. Think of it, we base our survival by adapting to situations that cause us even the slightest amount of pain. Whether it is physical or mental pain the decisions we make in life are based on avoiding...