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  1. micromass

    Rest in peace Leonard Cohen

    I loved his music, his voice, his lyrics. I'm devastated.
  2. micromass

    Another water riddle

    What will happen? And why?
  3. micromass

    Presidential election game!

    Let's see who can predict the future best! Reply to this thread with who you think will win (so not who you want to win). You can add a small justification if you like, but please do not get into a political discussion. Add the results of the electoral college and of the popular vote of the...
  4. micromass

    Riddle with flowing water

    Assume the water flows from the faucet sufficiently slow.
  5. micromass

    Any Bob Dylan fans here?

    I have to say I'm a really big fan. I'm very glad he finally won the Nobel prize for literature. Very well deserved I'd say.
  6. micromass

    Insights Interview with a Physicist: David Hestenes - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post Interview with a physicist: David Hestenes Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    I Micromass' big October challenge!

    Time for the october challenge! This time a lot of people sent me suggestions for challenges. I wish to thank them a lot! If you think of a good challenge that could be included here, don't hesitate to send me! Ranking [and previous challenges] here...
  8. micromass

    Human Genome Degeneration

    Hello everybody, I encountered this weird theory that I don't really believe to be valid. But it sounds pretty plausible, so I'm going to let you guys tell me whether it is correct or not. Anyway, the link is here: (warning: possible crackpot link)...
  9. micromass

    Scientific bucket list

    Nowadays I read a lot about people's bucket list. For members not familiar with the concept, a bucket list are a list of things they really want to do before they die. For example, some people might really want to try parachute jumping or riding an elephant. But when it comes to us scientists...
  10. micromass

    Other Introduction to physics and chemistry

    Hello everybody. First of all I want to make clear that this is not for me. I'll try to describe the kind of thing I want and the background that can be assumed. I am look for introductory physics and chemistry books. The background in physics and chemistry is zero. So the person this is for...
  11. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' big September challenge!

    September, schools restart, summer ends, but a new challenge is here: Ranking here: RULES: 1) In order for a solution to count, a full derivation or proof must be given. Answers with no proof will be ignored. 2) It...
  12. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' big August challenge!

    August is already well underway, so time for some nice challenges! This thread contains both challenges for high schoolers and college freshmen, and for more advanced people. Also some previously unsolved challenges are omitted. Ranking here...
  13. micromass

    Types of PF posters

    Anything I've missed? Which one do you identify with? The professor These are among the most knowledgeable posters on the forum. They rarely start any threads, but the love answering them. But when anybody corrects them, all hell breaks loose on the thread! The politician These love to argue...
  14. micromass

    Another time travel question

    Assume you are given the following unique chance. You get to meet three people of your choosing (literally anybody) from the past or present. When meeting this person, you get to have a one hour conversation with the person. Assume language is not a problem. You cannot alter the course of...
  15. micromass

    Bacteriophage therapy

    Antibiotics have come a long way since their discovery. But I think it will happen quite soon that they'll be ineffective. So what are the alternatives? I've read a bit about bacteriophage therapies which could possibly form an effective alternative to antibiotics. On the other hand, the...
  16. micromass

    News Munich Shooting

    There is currently a big police operation in the German city of Munich due to a shooting. The shooting seems to be the work of one or several extreme right militants who are sick of foreigners in the country. I'm very worried about the developments of these terrorists attacks in Europe, both...
  17. micromass

    Insights Omissions in Mathematics Education: Gauge Integration - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post Omissions in Mathematics Education: Gauge Integration Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Challenge Micromass' big high school challenge thread

    Here is a thread of challenges made especially for high school students and first year university students. All the following problems can be solved with algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry, precalculus and single-variable calculus. That does not mean that the question are all easy. For...
  19. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' big summer challenge

    Summer, July, hot weather: every reason is good enough for some new challenge questions. NEW: ranking can be found here: For high school and first year university students, there is a special challenge thread for you...
  20. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' math challenges and ranking

    List of challenges: Integral Challenge: Counterexample Challenge: Counterexample Challenge 2...
  21. micromass

    Time travel test

    Assume that you are being sent back in time. You can choose the exact time period, but it has to be more than 200 years ago. You cannot bring anything with you. How would you use your current knowledge in order to survive? Would you be able to get rich/famous/powerful? Note: you cannot learn...
  22. micromass

    Challenge Micromass' big July Challenge

    In this thread, I present a few challenging problems from all kinds of mathematical disciplines. RULES: In order for a solution to count, a full derivation or proof must be given. Answers with no proof will be ignored. It is fine to use nontrivial results without proof as long as you cite...
  23. micromass

    Whose company do you prefer?

    This is not a question on who you find the most important. This is a question on whose company you prefer most of the time: animals or humans. I'm creating this poll because on the empathy thread there were some people who said they prefered to be among animals than humans. I certainly...
  24. micromass

    Prime number riddle

    First a definition: given a natural number ##a_na_{n-1}....a_0##, a subnumber is any number of the form ##a_k a_{k-1}....a_{l+1}a_l## for some ##0\leq l \leq k \leq n##. I think an example will be the easiest way to illustrate this definition: the subnumbers of ##1234## are...
  25. micromass

    Insights Some Misconceptions about Indefinite Integrals - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post Some Misconceptions on Indefinite Integrals Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Insights Groups and Geometry - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post Groups and Geometry Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Insights Comments - How to self-study algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post How to self-study algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra [Broken] Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Insights Comments - Friends, strangers, 7825 and computers

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post Friends, strangers, 7825 and computers Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
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    Challenge Micromass' big series challenge

    We had integrals, so we have to have series as well. Here are 10 easy to difficult series and infinite products. Up to you to find out the exact sum. Rules: The answer must be a finite expression. The only expressions allowed are integers written in base 10, the elementary arithmetic...
  30. micromass

    How many countries can you name

    I got 114 of 196. But there were a few I knew but couldn't say in English. Post your results!