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    References or aids in learning QM?

    Hi, I am currently working through Griffith's textbook on quantum mechanics. I was just wondering if there are any animations or videos that work along with griffiths and clarify certain concepts. Thanks.
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    Trying to self study Linear Algebra

    I was trying to self study Linear Algebra and I had a copy of Hoffman and Kunze. I found it a bit dry. I searched for some alternatives and I like these: 1) Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis - Thomas S. Shores (Springer Undergrad math series)...
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    I learned calculus I and II using stewart's. I also taught myself

    I learned calculus I and II using stewart's. I also taught myself vector calculus using Paul C. Matthew's book. However, I'm not very satisfied and would like to relearn it proper. Is it a good idea to start on Apostol Volume 2? Thanks
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    Pulley System.

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a Solution Just want to make sure if my concept is right. If the tension in the string holding m1 is T, the tension on the string holding m2 should be T/2 right? Thanks.
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    Friction and a tablecloth.

    Homework Statement If you have courage and a tight grip, you can yank a tablecloth from under the dishes on a table. What is the longest time in which the cloth can be pulled out so that a glass 6 in from the edge comes to rest before falling off the table? Assume that the coefficient of...
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    Book for Math Olympiad

    I'm not a natural at math, but I study a lot of it. So I needed something to prepare me for the math olympiads and competitions. Needed comments on this book for preparation: Elementary Number Theory by Gareth Jones...
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    A little help understanding tensors.

    Not really a homework problem. Need some help understanding tensors. Ok, so the chapter in the book I am using, Vector Calculus by Paul C. Matthews introduces first the coordinate transformation and proceeds to say that a vector is anything which transforms according to the rule...
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    Consolidated book list?

    Hi. So, I was wondering if theres a consolidated book list for different topics in Physics at PF. If not, we could make one here! I ran a search, I didn't really find anything except individual threads for specific topics. Anyone interested? Feel free to start.
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    Showing a vector field is conservative.

    Ok so I'm new to vector analysis, just started about a week or 2 ago. I'm using Paul C. Matthews' book, "Vector Calculus". This is an example problem from it which I have difficulty understanding because of integration with partial derivatives. The problem is solved, I just have trouble...
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    Programs Most Math Intensive Engineering Degree?

    I was just curious. From what I know, I would go for EE. What do you think?
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    Thin Film Interference

    Not really a homework problem. Just wanted to know: When light moves from a medium of lower index of refraction to that of a higher index of refraction, the reflected ray suffers a phase change. (Thin film interference) But the other way round, this doesn't happen. This can be shown by...
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    A little guidance, please?

    Hello everyone. I needed some guidance with calculus. I am currently a (sophomore? Sorry, I'm not following the US system) and I used stewart's book to learn single variable calculus, but I didn't do the exercises from the book, and I did the exercises at the AP level. I took my AP Calculus BC...
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    Need help with a Very Hard Kinematics Qn

    Homework Statement Imagine a tank traveling at constant speed v1 along direction AB and a missile is chasing the tank with constant speed v2. The direction of motion of the missile is always pointing toward the tank. At the t the tank is at position F and the missile is at position D, where FD...
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    Bah. Where did the -1 come from? [Broken] I always get the positive and negatives confused. I don't have a teacher to guide me so help would be appreciated. The correct answer is in green ink. Thanks
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    Radius of Convergence

    Hi. Not really a homework question. Just a doubt i would like to confirm. Is the radius of convergence of a power series always equal to the radius of convergence of it's primitive or when its differentiated? I have done a few examples and have noticed this. I am trying to understand this...
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    Physics Olympiad Text

    Hey everyone, I would like to know if there are any physics texts out there which prepare people for olympiads? I googled but i didn't find much. I won't say excellent, but i'm a good physics student with an A average in class and i'm studying way ahead of my class. I am learning calculus and...
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    Moment of Inertia of a Pyramid

    Homework Statement Ok not really a school problem but i was just thinking of how to solve it. How would i find the moment of inertia of a pyramid with base side length l and height h? If the axis of rotation is along the z axis? Homework Equations I = Summation of mrsquared The...
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    Physics and Programming language

    Ok well, i was just looking around for someone to give me a few tips or give me a "guide". I really wanted to use programming with physics, to simulate or just to get to know how to apply what i know in physics and see how much i understand it to make applications. I am not a very good...
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    Trigo Question - just for fun

    Alright, not really homework or coursework. Sum(from k = 0 to infinity) (cos thetha)^2k = 5 So i subbed in the first value, 0 and took the one out. I have to find the value of cos(2thetha) and then there was a pattern, but i didn't really know what to do. Thanks P.S. Not really familiar...
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    Proof that Ac = (V^2)/R

    Hey Guys a lot of people were asking me how to prove that centripetal acceleration is v squared over r. Well, i know quite a few people here might not know calculus, not that the calculus to prove it is very hard, but i prepared something for you guys. Its a beautiful proof which i like much...
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    Verticle Banking on a circular track

    [SOLVED]If fast enough, a car can be driven on a track that is banked vertically. In the view of the 2008 formula one race in Singapore, the government has decided to build one such track. Given that the diameter of the track is 100m, and the coefficient of static friction between the rubber...