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    Centre of mass

    Homework Statement a) Two astronauts, A of total mass 90kg and B of total mass 110kg are tied together by a light rope 15m long during a space walk. A starts to reel in the rope at her end. After 8.5s she has reduced the length of the rope by 5.5m. What distance does the centre of mass move in...
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    Help with electric field problem- Yr 12 physics

    Homework Statement Protons are accelerated by an electric field passing through a hole in the anode and accelerated towards the cathode (to the right) A proton passes through the anode at 6.2 × 105 m s–1, and passes through the cathode at 8.8 × 105 m s–1. Show that the strength of the electric...
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    Help with yr11 magnetic fields

    Homework Statement The diagram shows the magnetic field between like magnetic poles Homework Equations Point C is the exact middle of the region between the poles. Explain why the strength of the magnetic field at point C is zero? The Attempt at a Solution The like poles repel each...
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    Help with yr11 physics please

    Homework Statement Jackie's team bats later in the day. When Jacki strikes the ball, she hits it badly and it travels straight up. Homework Equations Explain whether the forces are balanced or unbalanced at the highest point. The Attempt at a Solution I thought it was balanced as the...