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    A Need help with the reaction of neutrons and electrons

    Please let me know if the following reaction is possible for high energy electrons colliding with neutrons or neutron-rich nuclei: n+e^{-}\to \Delta^{-}+\nu_e.\tag{1} If it is forbidden for some conservation law or for some other reason, please give me an explanation why. This reaction is...
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    On operation principles of zinc-manganese alkaline batteries

    The Wikipedia article on alkaline batteries says that they operate at the expense of the oxidation of zinc metal to zinc oxide and the reduction of manganese dioxide to Mn2O3. Anode half reaction is written as Zn + 2 OH− → ZnO + H2O + 2 e−. However we know that metals reacting with water...
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    A human in a vacuum chamber

    There are many sources which say that a human cannot survive under the abrupt exposure to vacuum. What would happen if the exposure is not abrupt? Can a regularly clothed human survive in a vacuum chamber if we gradually lower the air pressure in the chamber to vacuum values for several hours of...
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    Do neurons actually die within 5 minutes of anoxia?

    Anoxia is a condition in which there is no delivery of oxygen to tissues of the body. Generally it occurs in cardiac arrest or upon termination of access of air into the lungs. Different tissues have different degrees of resistance to anoxia. It is thought that the least stable are neurons, the...
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    Braking radiation and electromagnetic self action

    It is known that a charged particle moving with some acceleration emits electromagnetic waves. For example, this may be a particle moving at a constant speed on the circle. In this case the radiation of a particle is called the braking radiation, the cyclotron radiation, or the synchrotron...
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    Grafting fruit trees on non-fruit ones

    In addition to herbs, some trees can act as weeds. In the southern Urals in Bashkortostan one of such weed trees is maple. It grows quickly, reproduces rapidly, and easily fills the land. So I have a question: is it possible to use a maple tree as a stock for fruit trees? Please, tell me which...
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    Photon emission by an excited hydrogen atom

    Typically (in popular literature) the process of photon emission by an excited atom is considered as an instant event. But actually it is quite likely that it is a continuous process. Such processes are usually described by evolutionary differential equations (ODEs or PDEs). Assume that we...
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    Is the Higgs boson already discovered?

    Alberto Palma's recent paper Arxiv:1202.0217 says in its conclusions part: "The ATLAS collaboration presents first results of the direct search for the SM Higgs boson decaying to b\bar b. No evidence of the Higgs boson was found in a pp collision data sample of \mathcal L=1.04\ \mathrm f\mathrm...
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    Interspecies surrogate motherhood

    IVF technology (in vitro fertilization) allows having children even for those couples who meet certain health problems in reproductive area. Sometimes, however, apart from IVF, one may need a surrogate mother for to gestate a conceived child. Search for a surrogate mother could be easier and...
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    A question on semisimple rings

    I am interested in semisimple rings and semisimple modules which are not unital. There are two concepts of ring semisimplicity: left semisimplicity and right semisimplicity. A ring is called semisimple on the left if it is presented as a sum of its simple left ideals. A ring is called semisimple...
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    Civilization of millions of rings.

    Ruslan A. Sharipov. Future forecast. Essay. Typically SiFi writers and futurologists make their forecasts for future. Now I am joining them with my own forecast. It is an entrenched habit to show the future equipped magic tools like antigravitators and space-time gates. One can see them...
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    Medical A single tooth prosthesis

    I am an engineer and physicist by education. I am currently applied as a math educator (PhD and associate professor in a university in Russia). However, I have an idea of a new way for mounting a single tooth prosthesis into a jaw bone. Please, give me an advice, what should I do in order to...
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    Giant Solar Laser

    It is known that the Sun is a super large source of energy. Only an extremely small part of solar energy is absorbed by Eath and an extremely small part of that absorbed energy is utilized by mankind. The idea is to invent a tool for pumping the energy directly from the Sun staying distant from...
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    Elementary geometry and Foundations.

    Free e-book is now available. Author:,grp_math,grp_nlin/1/au:+Sharipov/0/1/0/all/0/1" Title: Foundations of geometry for university students and high-school students Link:"
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    A purely terminological question

    If two vectors are parallel they are said to be collinear. In this case they can share the same direction or they can point to opposite directions. 1. For two parallel vectors sharing the same direction can I say that tey are codirected? Is it a true English word? I did not find it in...
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    Quark masses and E=mc^2.

    Recently I have managed to understand some basics of the Standard Model and even have written some note about it (see" [Broken]). The quark masses there are matrix quantities. Two tripples of quarks (the upper row - one from each generation and the lower row...
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    What is the uncertainty principle for Standard Model particles?

    Hello Folks! Though I have written my own paper ( [Broken], I am still a novice in Standard Model. Therefore, I have some questions for experts. The modules squares of the fermion wave functions are interpreted as the probability densities for the...
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    A question on Isotopic Spin

    Some elementary particles in Standard Model are grouped into doublets, e. g. electron and e-neutrino (both left). As to me, the wave function of such a doublet should be \psi^{ia}=\left(\begin{array}{c}\nu^a \\ e^a \end{array}\right) where i=1,2 and a is a spinor index. In other words it...
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    On the Dirac equation in a gravitation field

    Let's discuss the Dirac equation in a gravitation field. I suggest to begin with the following article:" [Broken] It is rather simple. Your comments would be helpful for me.
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    Another question on antiparticles

    It is well known that photon is a quant of electromagnetic field. It is also well known that the electromagnetic field is produced by charged particles. Assume that some neutral particle annihilates with its antiparticle. Why a photon is emitted as a resuilt, not a quant of some other field?
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    A question on a spinor group

    Please, how to complete the commutative diagram shown on the following attachment picture?"
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    Is there a proof for Fermi and Bose statistics?

    Is there a proof for Fermi and Bose statistics? What is the background of this proof? To what extent it is mathematically strict? Can one prove that no other statistics is posible?
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    An extension of the concept of a tensor field

    It is known that a tensor field is a tensor-valued function T=T(p) whose argument p is a point of some space (or some manifold). However, in physics some tensor fields are produced from other tensor fields, e. g. Lagrangians in physical field theories including tensorial fields...
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    Solar laser. Why not ?

    It is known that lasers are based on various media: on ruby crystals, on inert gases (Helium & Neon), on CO_2 etc. In Reagan's projects of Star Wars in the middle of 1980s the laser based on a nuclear explosion was discussed. Following this idea, one can expect to use the Sun as an active medium...