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    Any future form of Physics behind future communication?

    Today We use Electromagnetic Waves. What would be the future of form of communication?
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    Electrical Engineering ,Physics and the Third World (Latin America).

    Hello people of this great forum. I really love physics but living in a third would country in central america... I find that studying a bachelors in physics its not something realistic when there is no research at all and maybe the only job I can get in this country is as a professor. There...
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    How to deal with preexam anxiety?

    How you guys deal when you feel nervous before an exam?
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    How do you cope when failing a math test =/?

    Hey guys how you cope when a failing a test in math? (if you ever failed one in college engineering). I just had my 1st exam about Integrals and U substitution. Of the 4 problems 2 were good but the other 2 where almost in my hands but failed for some details or made a totally dumb...
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    Engineering Electrical or Mechanical Engineering?

    Hello people of the forum. This is my first time posting and in advance thanks for your answers. I Like engineering, math and especially physics. At the moment im in EE becouse I think it have a lot physics and I guess it have to do a lot with power generation and new technologies. But...