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    Automotive Closed loop spark advance and it's effect on abnormal combustion.

    The problem I am facing is that there is little research on closed loop ignition control. Using ecu timing curves does not allow for changing timing as combustion itself changes, it only allows for limited changes based on known variables like ECT or IAT. I think I did find the answer though, by...
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    Automotive Closed loop spark advance and it's effect on abnormal combustion.

    Thanks! Guess I will be using knock detection as well at least as a safeguard.
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    Automotive Closed loop spark advance and it's effect on abnormal combustion.

    Recently I read about Saab's experiments at closed loop spark advance, and it got me wondering. If you are controlling spark advance to maintain a constant peak pressure position of 20 deg after TDC is it possible to get into a situation where detonation or pre-ignition is possible. It seems to...
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    Bloom box energy

    Hmm... Small "secretive" company getting publicity. Check Magic device which is not completely explained. Check Promises of cheap clean energy. Check References to NASA and big companies. Check These things alone set off my alarms. Since there are a number of companies claiming to use...
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    U238 for Aerospace Propulsion (Traveling Wave Reactor)

    A quick google shows that a 747s engines produce about 65MW mechanical just at cruising speed and are capable of about 4 times that. Numbers may not be exact, but that still requires a huge reactor plant just to generate the electricity. That's why they used air cooled reactors for the nuclear...
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    UV protected swim clothes

    Dunno about other benefits, but it would probably help with IR cameras designed to see through swimwear. I know IR and UV are different but if it effectively blocks one it probably blocks the other too.
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    E-Cigarettes, being hailed as the smoker's smart choice

    I switched to electronic cigarettes and am very happy. The comment that they don't deliver nicotine is just plain false. Nicotine liquid comes in varied strengths and it is quite easy to tell the difference between an 18 mg liquid and a 0mg liquid. Now, is it the same amount of nicotine as a...
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    The great fortune-cookie fraud

    My favorite will always be "That wasn't chicken."
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    U238 for Aerospace Propulsion (Traveling Wave Reactor)

    Nuclear aircraft engines did work. They successfully produced thrust by direct contact between the cladding and the air. If I remember right the project was canceled after a horrible design flaw caused one of the reactors to melt down. Shielding is only necessary between the occupants and...
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    A survey on gullibility in Australia

    Not surprising really. I find it amazing how many news stories don't pass a simple sniff test. Reporters are not scientists, engineers, or other technical professionals, but they are supposed to be fact checkers. The real travesty is when news agencies publish something damning about someone or...
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    Stirling advanced theorys

    Here is the best example I found while researching the exact same idea: Sadly, for home solar generation you either need a stirling engine to sit at the focal point of a lens/mirror or you need a very large stirling. When I get the time, I plan on...
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    Free power

    This also applies to motors. The more torque the motor is supplying the more power it needs. Countless 'free energy' demonstrations involve using a motor to prove power output. A 1kw motor powered by a 500 watt machine seems to be free energy, until you realize that the motor is rated at 1kw at...
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    Designing a compressed air car

    You still have to compress the propane in the first place. All you are doing by heating the propane tank as you expand the propane is regaining a small amount of the energy initially wasted when compressing the propane.
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    Cheapest way to produce electricity

    I find those numbers highly suspect. For example, nuclear shows a difference of 9 cents between operating cost and combined building/operating costs. This would allow the original building cost to be payed off in around 9 years. If you assume a nuclear plant only lasts 9 years then the 13 cents...
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    Cheapest way to produce electricity

    Wind and tidal are very expensive. Initial cost of seting up the generators is expensive, then when you have them set up maintenance is expensive. Imagine major maintenance if you ran your car not on one 100 hp engine, but on 100 1hp engines. These costs may go down with time, but right now they...
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    What do youse guys think of MythBusters

    They used to be pretty lacking in the engineering, confuse things like psig with psia, and otherwise ruin the validity of their experiments. Still loved the show back then. Recently they have been stepping it up a notch, and I'm impressed.
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    Tesla Turbine Efficiency

    The original article is very flawed in its asumptions. There are no tesla turbines which emit steam around the whole outside circumference. If this asumption were true then impeller driven pumps would not work since they take a liquid from a small opening in the center and then discharge it from...
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    Is America ready for a woman president?

    Sure, why not? Still won't vote for her unless she fits my political views, but that's because I'm not sexist.
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    Well, do enlighten me, because last I heard trying to reason with an unreasonable person was foolish. If we can somehow either prove to the people they recruit that their cause is unjust, or THAT THEY CANNOT ACOMPLISH THEIR OBJECTIVES AND ONLY FIGHT IN VAIN, then we can keep this form of...
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    That's just it, a lone gunman is a fact of life. Crazy people happen. A person who is the member of a violent movement that turns to violence is not a lone gunman, they are the pawn of something bigger than themselves. Do you honestly think that all terrorists would have committed their...
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    From Wikipedia 2000 October 13, Firebombing of Temple Beth El (Syracuse) :Islamic Terrorists 2000: 2000 New York terror attack Three young men of Arab descent hurled crude Molotov cocktails at a synagogue in The Bronx,New York to "strike a blow in the Middle East conflict between Israel and...
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    Space elevator ? How can it work?

    At this point putting a space elevator on mars is the equivilent to putting a Starbucks there. When it does become possible it will probably be ancient technology.
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    From Merriam Webster: Main Entry: ter·ror·ism : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion Main Entry: ter·ror 1 : a state of intense fear 2 a : one that inspires fear : scourge b : a frightening aspect <the terrors of invasion> c : a cause of anxiety : worry d : an...
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    First off, you are going directly against what you preach by saying "Mr. Cool American". You are judging an individual by a group, or I guess judging a group by an individual which is just as bad. When did I ever propose to determine guilt by race? That's not what racial profiling is about...
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    How do you even like cats?

    My point is that cats know what's important to you, and are willing to destroy it to get their way. Dogs tear up things because they taste good. I've never had a dog that could be vindictive like a cat.
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    How do you even like cats?

    Cats are largely self sufficient. But they don't necessarily smell good. Sure dogs need baths from time to time, but a dog won't spray your clothes because he doesn't like your cologne. Also I've never had a dog poop on my pillow because the litter box needs cleaning.
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    In his defence, you apparently don't either.
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    Full body scans for US bound flights

    Full body scanners are not the best answer. Since all of the full body scanners I've heard of intentionally obfuscate the crotch or at least have a blurred view of the entire body, they may not have detected this last bomber. Even if you had a full view of the man, you are still limited to what...
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    Is Human Flight Possible?

    I'll just stick to my jetpack. Now I need to go to the store and get some eggs, hope I don't hit a bird, they taste bad. And bikers think they have it rough.
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    Compressed air car

    Oh no not again. We already have a compressed air car thread, although little out of it may be useful to you since it seemed to verge on perpetual motion at times. To answer what I can. 1. Yes with extensive modifications. May not be...