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    Calculus III Stokes' Theorem

    Hi everyone, I have to prove this problem but I have no idea how to approach this problem. I tried something but it seems not working... Suppose F is a vector field in R3 whose components have continuous partial derivatives. (So F satisfies the hypotheses of Stoke's Theorem.) (a)...
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    Integral proof help

    I am soooo poor at this kind of proof problem...:cry: Please help me out with this! Show that Integral_C y dx + x dy depends only on the endpoints of the arbitrary curve C. (Hint: find a potential function f of the vector field <y, x> and use that to integrate along a parametrization...
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    Parallel Axis Theorem

    Hi everyone, I've got stuck on this prove problem:cry: Please help me!!! Let S be a rectangular sheet with sides a and b and uniform density, and total mass M. (a) Show that the moment of inertia of S about an axis L that is perpendicular to S, meeting S through its center, is I...
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    Numerical Analysis Euler's Method

    Please help me with this problem! I have no clue. I know how to deal with only dy/dx. But this includes dy/dx and dz/dx....:cry: Please see the attachment :) Step size h = 0.2 range x = 0 to 1 y(0) = 2 z(0) = 4 Thank you, Maya