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    Programs Trying to decide between three different fields of study

    I have made a similar post to this in the past, but it was a very long time ago, and my perspective on the issue has changed since then, so I felt this post could be helpful. I have just finished my second year of college; during those two years I've nearly completed my Associate's degree in...
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    Confused by girl on facebook

    I recently decided to message a girl that I like on Facebook. It went well; the best part was she was asking questions that would keep the conversation going. Then all of the sudden she just didn't reply. It's been about a week since we messaged and we haven't talked since. What is she trying to...
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    Is getting a PhD in physics a good idea?

    I am going into my senior year in high school, and I have been gradually trying to narrow down my choices for what to do with my life after high school. I have a passion for math and science, and have been debating becoming a physicist. My only hold ups are the job opportunities, and salary. Any...
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    What should I study to prepare for Calculus I and II

    I recently took a calculus readiness given by a special program for high school students in my area called the math and physics institute (MPI) to see which math and physics classes I would be taking my senior year. I scored well enough to be placed in the most difficult section of the program...
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    Engineering Cannot decide which field of engineering to go into.

    Hi, my name is Matthew, and I am a junior (soon to be senior) in high school. I am fascinated by math and science, and would like to one day become an engineer, or possibly a physicist. The problem is I don't know which type of engineering to major in. I love to program, so I thought about...
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    Should I take Calculus I, or Calculus I and II?

    Hi, my name is Matthew, and I am a junior in high school. I will soon be faced with the decision of which classes to take as a senior. At my school, once you have taken Trigonometry, you can choose to go to this other school called MPI (math and physics institute) for the first two hours of...