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    Humidity and using a telecscope

    I'm taking it from a cool, dry environment (my house) to a warm, humid environment. I'll try setting it on the back porch in the morning then look through it at night and see if that helps.
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    Humidity and using a telecscope not fun. I have a telescope that I got when I was a lot younger. A nice (I think) little beginner telescope, a Meade Polaris 60mm. Anyway, my problem is the humidity where I live. I live in Louisiana. Everytime there's a clear night and I decide to go try and do a bit of looking, to try...
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    How can a star turn into a black hole, with the law of conservation of mass?

    for conservation of mass, replace energy with mass in the law of conservation of energy. it's the same thing, like you said.
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    Explosions in Space

    what use would a nuke be in space? Other than EMP, the heat, and the radiation, there's nothing about the explosion that would have effect. I mean, the only reason an explosion is and explosion is that it compresses the air around it. so what's the use?