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    An end to infinite?

    like i said, i didn't know where a question like this would go. I guess the best way i could explain it is to ask what the smallest positive number is that is not zero. I'm having a hard time phrasing my thoughts into words, in case you couldn't tell. P.S. I'm only in high school math, so I...
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    An end to infinite?

    I think infinite is not real. Think about it. What is the closest positive number to zero that you can have? it would be 0.000...01, right? infinite zeros plus one. What do you guys think? I didn't know where this would belong, so I bunged it here.
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    Hostile Artificial Intelligence

    What we would need is a sort of Three Laws-type programming, but I don't know how that would be done.
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    Please Debunk:Ghost Swing

    It's most likely a fluke. A combination of disturbances in the flow of the wind along the ground and around the other two swings or the swingset frame. It could also easily be a hoax. Grainy video quality, a lot of people standing'd be very easy to just attach a piece of fishing line...
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    How Does One Prove One Exists?

    If it were me, I'd hand him a blank sheet of paper then punch him in the jaw. That could shift the topic from "prove you exist" to "if no one exists, how do non-existent beings (oxymoron) interact with each other? i.e. contact, bleeding, etc..."
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    Writing a story

    Pretty much, my beginning is cliche: the explorers go to another planet (in this case Mars) and find alien technology there. At that point I hope to create new propulsion methods.
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    Writing a story

    never leave home without it. And I only need realistic tech for the portion of the story that I'm at.
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    Writing a story

    I'm nto asking somebody else to write it for me. All I asked was for a list of things that I could pick and choose from, or modify to suit my story's needs.
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    Writing a story

    I'm writing a story/novel at the moment and need some info. Can anyone give me a list of current concepts for interplanetary travel?
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    Historical accounts of a 'Great Flood'

    I've noticed in most cultures, there is mention of a "great flood." in Native American legend, the Earth was created from a flood, Christianity has the story of Noah...and thoughts on this?
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    Greatest movie characters ever

    Jamie Foxx in Ray, hands down
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    Bangladesh humbled Australia today

    actually, I believe it's "futbol" (which I play almost religiously, so don't bash it, damnit)
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    Is the moon made of green cheese?

    I take it you're a Mac user, Math Is Hard? you sound like my friend who would sell his mother into prostitution before choosing a Windows PC over a Mac...
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    Bangladesh humbled Australia today

    so...that's big news I take it? we're not too keen on cricket here in the US.
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    James Bond

    i can imagine the look on Jimmy's face
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    I am a new one.

    eye have know problem whiff my spelling. Its fust find, thanx
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    This aint right

    its War of the Worlds come to life! Hold onto your children/family!!!!