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    I love you

    I am glad my parents say those three words out loud very often... :) sadly, my brothers do not... happy my best friends and I do! but if I were to say it to that special someone... it has to be when it really is special, and I am really willing to love the person eventually... "I Love You" is...
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    What do girls/women look for in men?

    courage, trust, compassion, brilliance a good physique is considerable! :blushing: lolx btw evo, just a girl to another----we need someone who is THERE for us!o:) so do men/boys----they need their girl to be there fo them too---i think!
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    Aussie Rules

    just to let you all know, well, Malaysia has banned any sponsorships or advertisings by tobacco componies for any sports since 2002 or was it 2003.... but I'm quite shure that it has been sometime. :approve:
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    Lets guess the movie

    I agree with big man..... What's Eating Gilbert Grape? . he had beautiful green eyes...haha
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    For all disney lovers

    thanks for the tip.... I've corrected it already....TY! If there r anymore, just let me know.
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    Everyone must of had that feeling of Deja Vu before?

    To tell you the truth, i've experienced so many of them, through "dreams". I clearly know that i dreamnt it only a few weeks or months before it occured. Yeah, maybe it is just false memory. But how is that sometimes i just "seem" to know the answers for somethings i am really...
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    For all disney lovers

    Disney makes great movies.....hehex...every kid that grows up with it...seem to end up good. lolx...
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    For all disney lovers

    How many Disney films have you seen? Put a cross in the box if you have seen the film and add up as you go along! (This isn't sad at all. No, sir). [x] High School Musical [x] Holes [x] Lizzie McGuire Movie [x] Cheetah Girls [x] Halloween Town [x] Halloween Town High [x] Cadet Kelly total so...
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    Sad news, friends;

    my deepest empathy to u. I lost a dear friend of mine last thursday. She was only 20. :( And she passed away thousands of miles from home. My heart goes out to u and your family...
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    I Love/Hate Tidy

    me too----in the middle--- it just depends. when i feel like being tidy, i m ....if not.....gosh desk would be as if a storm came through(espeacially during exams n all) lolx! so i m miss ordered catrosthophe!(pls don mind my spelling errors if any)
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    Lets guess the movie

    i see no new clips!?!?!?!?!
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    Does anybody believe in true love?

    i believe in "true love". I think its one of the few things "science" can't explain! haha its all bout comitment! when something goes bad....and he and she can still hold on n fix it together.....that's part of true love..... fighting over silly things and making up ....thats true love...
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    Everyone must of had that feeling of Deja Vu before?

    do dejavus occur through dreams!?
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    Save the corals.

    hello everybody, just wanted to send a reminder to everybody that we play a role in saving the environment. Lately in my country all the beautiful corals have been dying, the coral bed simply looks like somebody poured some cement into it. The air....everyday, dont u feel it getting...