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    Ultrasonic actuator from Ceramic Phono Cartridge

    Hi, I'm using a piezoelectric ceramic phono cartridge to produce high frequency displacements in the phono stylus. I'm driving it with a function generator that has an output of +-10 V sine wave . I connected the generator to a transformer that has a 1/10 reduction ratio to ramp up to voltage...
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    China made swiss watches before the swiss Does this mean the swiss are making fake chinese watches?
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    EM Wave amplitude

    Hi I hope this is the right place to post. I have some questions regarding EM wave amplitudes. There are some other posts in the past regarding this and some people replied by saying that amplitude of a light wave is equal/close to wavelength of the wave. This is deduced from the fact that...
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    Measure High Voltage using Coil Inductor

    Hi everybody, I need to indirectly measure the high voltage across a wire, which is one of the leads to a spark gap. I ran the wire through a coil inductor(air core) and measured the voltage across the coil leads with an oscilloscope when i get the spark. I also connected a resistor in series...
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    Red Shift Issues

    I have some issues with the current understanding of the cosmological red shifts and their interpretation using the spatial variation in the metric with time.To make the argument clear, i'm also posting pictures. The universe is depicted as the surface of a sphere but that doesnt affect the...