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    It was not hard because I was a girl in EE

    Electrical Engineering Program was very, very hard. Six courses per semester, it was suicidal but manageable. I could not imagine that it was going to be so dificult in my first year of engineering program. Not many students are left in the program. I was a top student in high school but...
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    Studying Anyone studying engineering and working P.T.

    Is it manageable to study engineering full time and work 2 days a week?
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    Did your parents influence your education

    For example; my father did have a big, big influence on me. I can say because of my father's interests for me I am very good in mathematics and tech courses and probably unconsciously that's why I am studying Electrical Engineering? As far as I can remember from grade 1 my dad worked on math...
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    Engineering for a girl

    Which engineering program would be the most suitable for a girl; 1. Mechanical 2. Industrial 3. Electrical and why? If by any chance you think none of them, pls why?
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    Could you ask your friends if you don't know

    Again, two identical Air Compressors, interlocked=working alternatively=one ON another one OFF=then again second one ON first one OFF, etc. MOTORS SPECS; power supply=600V each motor phases=3 each motor rpm=1725 each motor amperage=24A each motor HP=25 each motor fuses=3 fuses=60 Amps...
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    My physics

    hey all, these are going to be my first year physics courses at univ. i was just wondering what you all thought of them! Im majoring in EE and not the greatest fan of physics but these 3 courses are mandatory and i understand why, i was just looking for you input! thanks a bunch. :smile: PCS...
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    News If America did not attack Yugoslavia

    Radovan Karadzic would prevent nowdays bombings of innocent civilians. Karadzic was telling; we have a problem with muslim terrorists, Clinton answers; Oh, NOOOOOOOOoooo, It's you guys, you Serbs are killers. Well, Well, Well, America knows when it's too late.
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    No girl wants engineering

    This coming September I will be studying Electrical Engineering. Not a single girl supported me in my decision. Everyone was afraid of engineering. Everyone frowned upon me, since aspirations for medical school and business were the popular choices and seemed the norm in my school( among both...
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    Calculate wire-conductor size

    If specs on an appliance plate read ; 15 Amps, 115 Volts. The distance from the power source to the receptacle (plug) where the appliance is going to be plugged is 230 feet, what is the wire (american wire gage) or conductor size, the thickness of the wire? Thank you.