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    Designing a three phase permenent magnet generator

    I am designing a three phase permenent magnet generator , and have a question. as a magnet pair passes over a coil , inducing a voltage, that voltage is most dependent on ? 1) the angular velocity ( thats a given) 2) the pole strength 3) flux density 4) energy product. 5) thickness of...
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    Flow battery

    Do a google on " flow battery " this woman from Austrailia did some recent work with them ,really interesting stuff.. in Japan they use them to supply Grid Power from a windfarm ..
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    Gear ratio ?

    Hi , is anyone studying gear ratios?? i need some help with calculating the final gear drive.. i've calculated it at 94.97:1 is this correct??
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    Hydrogen from water

    last night i tried to get hydrogen from water using the aparatus shown. i have to improve my collection tecnique but i was able to collect about a third of a cup ful .. say i collect it from the top of a dome shape device . my question is how will i mix it with the oxygen , to burn it
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    Ultra capacitor

    Ultra caps have come to Digikey ...YAY.. you can now buy a 110 Farad capacitor with a working voltage of 2.5V for $31.20 in quantities of one.. for more info google ' UltraCapacitor ' or the newest ' nanogate ultracapacitor.' or check out whats happening at Maxwell technologies...
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    A power plant that uses more power than it generates

    There were no pictures available , i wonder why..?? try googleing Yards Creek Power Plant what a waste of power..!!!
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    Einstein cycle

    I'm sure most of you have heard of the Einstein Referigeration Cycle . For those who have not i've listed the references for further reading.. ok 342 K is about 156 F ,for anyone with an attic , it seems to me that this is the perfect solution to...
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    Need Equation

    i am looking for an equation (integral) , so that i can predict what width to make a coil of wire , of certain length ,and thickness, so that it comes out to an outer diameter of 1.5" with an inner diameter of .5".. i usually spend my time in the engineering section , but i thought that i would...
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    Ultra capacitors starting a car engine [Broken] i found this interresting in the application notes..about half way down..
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    Toronto Doctor takes pictures of small intestine with LEDs and camera in a pill [Broken] sorry if it's not new news , but i just saw it on tv and thought it was very cool..
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    Lets talk Turbines

    Lets talk (Wren) Turbines.. How would you convert 81 Newtons Thrust output to power output in watts ??
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    Our moon does not turn ?

    Our moon does not turn ?? Not at all ?? One would think that after a milenia of being bombarded by comet debris and asteroids that they would have nudged it a little..? couldnt we spin it ourselves .? I for one am tired of looking at the same view of the moon ,every full moon same...
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    Fast Fourier Transform

    Hi all , This FFT program may help some of you in your Engineering studies , it was a lot of fun to write and use .. I wrote it in pascal . All the instructions are included at the beginning.. I think my approach to reordering the twiddle factors is innovative as it is written in assembly...
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    Magnetic analysis

    anyone know of a magnetic analysis program ? i'm trying to find out how much more power i can get out of my homebuilt generator if i add laminated steel around the perimeter behind the armatures.. today i got 70 V p-p no load ..and was able to light a 1157 automobile taillight with approx...