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    How to calculat the area covered by light?

    Dear engineers, I need to know how to calculat the area of the light that covered by flood light with 400W and supplied with voltage rated at 220-127V current I=20A. for the informatoin that flood light will be fixed on the 10M height pole directed to the company logo on cooling tower to...
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    I'v quistion on Quadratic Functions

    Homework Statement Let f(x)= 125x-6x2 find the maximum value of f to four decimal places graphically Homework Equations (x)= 125x-6x2 The Attempt at a Solution Homework Statement attempt solution: x=-b+\sqrt{}b2-4ac/2a x=-125+\sqrt{}1252-4(-6)(0)/2a x= 0/-12=0...
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    How can we calculate the current (I) if we have cable with 25 mm size for 480V?

    dear engineer, how can we calculate the current (I) if we have cable with 25 mm size for 480V? and are there any other parameters we should know to calculate the current. (for plant project purpose)
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    Cable size calculating

    Dear all engineers, I would like to know the method of calculation the size of the cables, and what the perimeters needed to do this calculation. also, I would like to know how to get the seqmm cable size if we have AWG cable size And vice versa. thank you
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    How to calculate the BusBar size?

    can any engineer show me how we can calculate the busbar for any distribution panel assum that we have 800A interrupting capacity 50 kA, 320V/220V also, if we make an calculation how can we determain the apprperat busbar. thank you
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    Needing some help synchroniozing panel

    Synchronizing panel contains of number of generators, and there is some cases of these generators - standby generator synchronizing - duty generator synchronizing could any body provide me with the information for these cases? thank you,