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    Induced EMF in Non-Uniform Magnetic Field

    hello, what is the difference between the flux density of air gap and iron in magnetic circuit. let say i have an iron ring with an air gap of 1mm. do the air gap and iron ring produce the same magnitude of flux density and flux.
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    Find flux density

    GIVEN: L of Core=.5 m Air Gap=10^3 m N=200 turns Permeability of iron(uFe)=300 I=1A Uo=4pix10^-7 find B? from uNI/L=B ;since B=Hu therefore we have,NI=BL/u NI(total)=NI(AIR)+NI(IRON) (200)(1)=B(.5)/uFexU0 + B(10^3)/u(air)xUo solve for B; B=.094247779 Wb/m^2 hope you learn...