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    Wiener filter - MATLAB implementation

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project in which I am required to implement an optimum 11-tap linear equalizer (Wiener filter) to remove additive noise from a QPSK signal over a multipath channel. The channel impulse response h{k} is known. My understanding of the implementation...
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    Schools Post-GRE assessment of grad school acceptance likelihood

    Background: I'm a senior at a large state university studying electrical engineering, and I will graduate in May. Currently, my GPA stands at 3.08. I am on track for a 4.0 this semester, which includes a graduate-level course in digital communications systems. By the time I graduate, I should...
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    Schools EE undergrad looking for grad school advice

    Hello PF, I'm currently an undergrad electrical engineering student at a large state university. I am hoping very much to go to graduate school, either for further development of my EE skills, or for something different such as economics. My situation is this: I will be a fifth-year senior...