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    I Atmospheric CO2 and diurnal Asymmetry

    Something that has bothered me is that CO2 appears to have a much greater role after dark than in the daytime. I was wondering if this is because of a CO2 population inversion during the sunlight hours. I am thinking that Sunlight and daytime blue sky, excite atmospheric nitrogen, The nitrogen...
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    Water electrolysis with carbon cathode.

    I was wondering if I breakdown water with a carbon electrodes, will some methane be formed as well as hydrogen? In addition if methane is formed could other hydrocarbon chains also occur?
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    Doubling CO2 log curves

    The IPCC uses a figure 1.2°C for the direct response to a doubling of CO2, from 280 ppm to 560 ppm. I came up with an equation of 4(log 560)-4(log 280)= 1.2041199. Is this the best way to fit this curve?